Website design proposal

Use this proposal to share your web design services. This template includes several pricing options, e-signatures, and an embedded client onboarding form.
freelance website design proposal

This agreement contains:

  • Cover page
  • Overview of problems, solutions, and outcomes  
  • Service packages with set rates and one optional recurring rate package
  • Payment plan
  • Embedded client onboarding form (import a client onboarding form or create your own)
  • e-signatures

This agreement uses:

  • Client, account and date, tokens
  • Text
  • Logo
  • Services - One per item service package with each deliverable at a unique price, one fixed rate package, and one optional recurring maintenance package
  • Payment plan
  • Form
  • Signatures  
  • Size A4 letter, landscape

All of Moxie's agreements come with automatic invoice and project creation by default. Watch more about using package and pricing tokens and watch a full demo about agreements.