Holistic approach

Moxie doesn't run your business for you, but the app can make freelancing much easier. See how your business workflow could look, powered by Moxie.

new prospect

Sell your services

Don’t let leads slip through the cracks. Link forms with your website to automatically create a new client in your sales pipeline when a prospect reaches out. Need a discovery call? Skip the back-and-forth emails and share a link to your meeting scheduler.

contract agreement

Kick off new contracts

Create a custom proposal that outlines deliverables, timing and pricing. Once your client approves, transform your proposal into a digital contract. Once signed, Moxie will automatically create a new project, complete with the deliverables, deadlines, and payment structure.

manage project

Manage projects

Create tasks under each deliverable to make project management a breeze. Assign tasks to collaborators when necessary. Use the time tracker to track (and eventually bill) time to projects.

client portal

Communicate with clients

Invite clients to join you via a custom client portal, where they’ll be able to see project progress, time tracked, contracts, and scheduled meetings. All emails, calls and messages are consolidated into your universal inbox so you can keep track of all communications in one place.

deposit invoice

Get paid

Click through the time tracker to turn billable hours into an invoice—and add expenses if relevant. Or, send a recurring invoice for retainer or subscription-based services. Clients will be able to send you an online payment using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer in 81+ currencies.

freelance accounting

Track your finances

Track your expenses to make sure you get reimbursed. Pull up a profit & loss report at any time to know where you stand. Transfer profit & loss reports to integrated accounting tools like Quickbooks, and more.

moxie dashboard

Keep it all together

All of your work comes together in Homebase. Use the focus tab to get a snapshot of what’s most important, such as upcoming deadlines, meetings, and payments due. Sync your calendars for a full-picture view of your schedule and use filters to focus on what’s pressing. Use the insights tab to learn how you’re doing—money in, time worked, pipeline status, and more.

Get everything out of your head with Moxie

No more feeling overwhelmed or piecing it together. Move your entire workflow to Moxie (formerly Hectic) and see how much smoother freelance life can be, from initial proposal to accounting for profits, and every little thing in between. Freelancing is finally calm, cool, and collected.

stars black

This platform is great - it's the first one that I've found which has everything I need as a new freelancer. It's also easy to navigate and isn't overwhelming like some others I've tried. The ability to use the calendar for time blocking would be a great addition.

Natalie H

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Hands down, the best customer support I've ever had. The Moxie app has everything you need as a freelancer and is continuously adding new features. If you've been looking for the right app, this is it.


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First class and support to match. After looking around for the perfect software I have finally found it. If you are bored with trying to make your business fit around things like Dubsado this is for you! Super easy to set up and looks great too!

Andrew Scotter

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I really like all of the features together, especially the sales pipeline and calendar. It really lets you see where you are with each client. Time and expense tracking are very useful!

Kellie Sigler