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Moxie for Graphic Designers

Freelance software for a pixel-perfect graphic design business.

In a rush? Here are the nuts & bolts.

Let's handle the business of your business.
One tool. All your business things organized.
Go from meeting a prospect to invoicing a happy client.
Flexible project management system for the way you work.
Turn timesheets and projects into invoices in a few clicks.
Lighten your admin load.
Ironclad contracts that you don't have to agonize over.
Customizable client portal for you and your people.
Systems and processes to free up your creative brain.

Conceptualizing ideas, building color palettes, choosing typography, mastering layouts…that’s all the stuff you’re good at.

But managing the business side of being a graphic designer? Well, you’ll likely be the first to admit that can be a struggle.

Communicating with clients, sending proposals, tracking projects, and managing invoices can be complex. And those tasks aren’t just time-consuming. They’re distracting. They feel like constant disruptions that keep you away from the design work you’re actually passionate about. 

That’s especially true if you’re hobbling along with a bunch of tools and platforms that don’t cut it. Many designers waste precious hours and energy trying to “make things work” only to end up even more frustrated and frazzled than when you started. 

You deserve to love your business. Moxie can help. 

If creating a contract or tracking an invoice is taking you just as long (or longer) as a logo design, you’re more than overdue for a change. 

Meet Moxie, the freelance software that helps you with all of the business stuff so that you can focus on what you do best: designing and creating. 

With Moxie, you can say “goodbye” to your motley crew of tools, documents, and spreadsheets and say “hello” to features and processes that make business ownership a lot easier (not to mention more enjoyable). 

“I haven’t niched down. My actual business is all over the place. So in the business of running my business, I need it not to be fragmented. Everything I want under one roof is there.”
- Perry Kirkpatrick, Creative Designer

Bring your business into one easy-to-manage place.

Imagine that you’ve booked a new project (yay!). You probably use one platform to create a contract, another one to communicate with your subcontractors, a different one to plan out the project, yet another one for invoicing…

You’re all over the place with processes that are as clunky and archaic as Comic Sans. 

You can find what you need (and more) within Moxie. Moxie isn’t here to help with one small piece of a project or client engagement—we’re here to get you all the way from point A to point Z.

From proposals and pipelines to project management and profits, Moxie is your partner in managing all of the aspects of your graphic design business without hopping between apps and tools. 

After all, inspiration is all over the place. But your business? Well, it should be in one place. 

"Moxie is like having a super-efficient assistant. It handles project management, agreements, proposals, expenses, and invoicing all in one place, saving me tons of time and hassle."
- Joywin P, Graphic Designer

Lose the stiff systems and build what works for you.

Maybe you work with clients on a retainer basis. Or maybe you do short, one-off projects. Or maybe your clients book you for a set period of time—like four to six weeks. Or maybe you do all of the above.

Most project management platforms want you to fit a mold with rigid systems and labels. That’s not the case with Moxie. 

Moxie’s project management is totally customizable, so you can build it in a way that fits (not fights) the way you work. 

Whether you want to set up projects, time blocks, packages, or a combination of all of them, Moxie gives you the flexibility to manage your clients and assignments in the way that makes the most sense to you. 

project management app for graphic designers

Experience less cringe-worthy tasks (and more creativity). 

If you had your choice, you’d spend all of your time heads-down in your creative work. Sigh. That’s not reality though, is it? You have proposals to draft and invoices to send and clients to communicate with and…

We get it. It’s the stuff you dread. But here’s the good news: It doesn’t need to take up quite so much time. Because Moxie houses every aspect of your design business in one place, every single piece of your business “talks” to the other parts. 

Turn your timesheets or projects into professional invoices with just a couple of clicks. Hook up the meeting scheduler to your calendar and allow your clients to book your time—without all of the back-and-forth availability chatter. 

In Moxie, everything’s synced up and streamlined so that you can get the mundane stuff done in way less time and with way less effort. 


Software that’s as trusty and reliable as Helvetica. 

Listen to this: If your software seems like it’s making your business more complex, it’s not the right software for you. Your freelance tools should take work off of your plate—not add more to it.

That’s why you’ll love Moxie. It lightens your load without any steep learning curve or complicated workarounds. You’ll be up and running (and wondering how you ever lived without it) in no time. 

Take the confusion out of contracts.

Contracts are one of the best ways to protect yourself and your business. Do you have a contract?

Trying to draft an ironclad agreement is enough to make your eyes glaze over.

Moxie takes all of the guesswork out of it with legally vetted, editable contract templates. Drafting your agreement is as simple as checking a few boxes so you can get peace of mind without the painstaking process. 

freelance contracts for graphic designers

Build a one-stop client destination. 

Your design work hinges on a lot of collaboration with your client. You need their feedback on that packaging design and their approval on that infographic and their payment for that invoice.

Getting all of that done can lead to a lot of jumbled email threads (and even more missed messages and crossed wires). Keep it all organized with Moxie’s client portal, a centralized spot where clients can collaborate on projects, sign proposals, pay invoices, and more.

Your portal is totally customizable, so you can match your branding and even use a personalized domain. Clients don’t need to create an account to get in either. They just enter their email address and everything they need is right there. 

And since Moxie houses your entire business under one roof, you don’t need to do the tedious, manual work of moving stuff over to your portal. Making resources available to your clients couldn’t be easier.  

“Anything that I set up on my own for my client purposes, I don’t have to make it appear for them. It’s just there.”
- Perry Kirkpatrick, Creative Designer

Know what’s due (and what to do).

Systems and processes might feel like the antithesis of creativity, but the opposite is true. When your projects are well-planned and organized, you have more mental bandwidth to dedicate to artistry and imagination.

Forget scrolling through random spreadsheets or sticky notes to figure out what’s due when. Moxie’s calendar view gives you a clear picture of every to-do in your business—your deadlines, meetings, deliverables, and more.

Worried about getting overwhelmed? Use the filters to see only what you need at that precise moment (and worry about the rest later). 

Running a business is hard. Moxie makes it easier. 

You’re a designer to your very core. So don’t you think it’s time you design some better systems for your own business?

Moxie makes it easier to ace your project management, streamline your client communication, take control of your finances…we could keep going, but you get it. 


Ready for less stress and more success?

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