Why track your sales process with Moxie?

Toto from Red Shoes, Fast Cars fills out the form on your website. He gets a reply within 5 minutes that invites him to book a Zoom call using your scheduling link.

That’s only the beginning though.

track sales process
moxie automation

Maybe you’ll send instant confirmation via text when Toto books the meeting. And maybe 2 hours later, he’ll receive the email where you explain your process, share those oh-so-flattering testimonials, and link out to 2 case studies.

Moxie’s Automations makes it easy to move new opportunities through a tight process. That process enhances your overall client experience and reinforces your value.

The votes are in... Freelancers love Moxie.

Complete customization

Your sales process is as unique as your business. Enter your custom sales process using as many or as few labels as you need to stay on top of your CRM. 

sales pipeline customization
prioritize time

Prioritize your time and effort

It’s okay to have a favorite lead - in fact, we encourage it, especially when your confidence and the estimated value is high. Visualize your best opportunities and play favorites accordingly. 

Sales Pipeline

Automation with a personal touch

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