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Moxie for Virtual Assistants

Whether you call yourself a virtual assistant, an online business manager, an operations support specialist, this much is true:

You help your clients streamline their businesses so they can do better, faster, and easier work.

In a rush? Here are the nuts & bolts.

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Organization in one spot (not 5).
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All your client information in one portal.
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Client communication with searchability and filters.
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Uncomplicate your client experience.
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A CRM that gives you less work, not more.
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Visual calendar with your projects and meetings together.
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The support that your support business needs.
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While your client work is pristine, how would you describe your own internal business operations? Is your tech stack is unwieldy and expensive? Oof. That’s a lot like being a hairdresser with an awful haircut. A dentist with terrible teeth. A plumber with a relentlessly leaky toilet…

Okay, you get it. If you want to make a name for yourself as a reliable support specialist who has their stuff together, then you need to start by…well, having your stuff together.

Groan. Why is this so dang hard?

Cue the harrowing search for the right software to support your operations business. 

If you’ve done it before (and that’s probably why you’re here), you know it’s way easier said than done to find tools that actually meet your needs.

You collaborate with your clients on a recurring basis, so your work doesn’t fit into neatly-packaged, one-off projects that so many other platforms shoehorn you into. Not to mention you’ve built your business doing all sorts of different things—research, live trainings, administrative tasks, you name it—that are tough to fit into the folders, labels, and rigid confines of other freelance software.

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So you end up jerry-rigging something together. And what started as a mission to seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and serve your clients quickly transforms into a tangled web of tools, spreadsheets, and logins that adds extra friction for you and your clients. 

Peel your forehead off the desk. There’s a better way. We promise.

Meet Moxie, the seemingly too-good-to-be-true tool for running, managing, and growing your virtual assistant business. 

We’ll spare you all of the buzzwordy, eye roll-worthy promises about how we’ll systemize and streamline your workflows, scale your business to new heights, and elevate your business reputation and personal brand in an increasingly competitive business ecosystem.

Sure. Whatever. Blech. 

Here’s the real talk: Moxie makes running your business easier. It’ll help you preserve your sanity even if you’re working with dozens of clients at a time. And it’ll make you look damn good in the process. Plain and simple. 

Here’s how. 

Create a one-stop client portal. 

Could you resend…? Do you happen to have the…? Can we get access to…? Where can we find the…? 

Relentless client requests eat up your time and sidetrack your work. You can eliminate them with Moxie’s client portal, a completely branded resource center your clients can access at any time whenever they want to. 

freelancing app for virtual assistants

Worried they’ll lose their password (and inevitably ask you to step in)? Good news: there is no password. Simply give them a magic link and they can easily access everything they need—your proposals, contracts, project briefs, assets, timesheets, and anything else. 

Less pings, more peace. Need we say more? 

Communicate without the chaos. 

We’ll just say it: Client communication can be a total nightmare, especially when you have a lot of active clients. 

With Moxie, you can centralize all of your communication—we’re talkin’ emails, texts, voicemails…the whole shebang—in one simple place.

Set up a Moxie phone number specifically for client texts and phone calls, while keeping your personal number separate and private (so your well-deserved free time can go back to the way it should be: totally client-free). 

With intuitive filters, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew to locate the exact message you’re looking for. Just type what you need into the search bar and you’ll find it in seconds. 

Focus on support—not tech support. 

We get it—rolling out a new client-facing tool feels like a surefire way to open the floodgates to way more questions and problems. That’s especially true if your clients aren’t particularly tech-savvy. 

Unlike all of the other robust platforms, Moxie is approachable and intuitive without a steep learning curve. Plus, there’s a helpful onboarding process to get your clients up and running without a heavy lift from you.

That means more time to focus on the work you’re actually good at, and less time feeling like you’re moonlighting at the Genius Bar. 


You’re in the business of bettering.

And Moxie is the better software you deserve. Think of Moxie like an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Just when you think you’ve found all your favorites, something else will catch your eye (hold up, are those cinnamon sticks?!). 

Here are several other Moxie features more enticing than that gooey cinnamon goodness. 

Optimize your client experience.

Every client is on a journey with you and your business. And in an ideal world, you want that journey to be smooth and enjoyable—not harrowing and treacherous.

Moxie is like your sherpa. Everything you need—scheduling, forms, proposals, contracts, invoicing, communication, time tracking, and ongoing project management—is one cohesive and seamless place. 

That means a way easier trip up the mountain for both you and your client. We make sure of it. 

“Moxie uncomplicates things. They actually make use of common sense. I was able to plan, prepare for, and complete a project easily—all the way through to getting paid and beyond. I have no desire to even think about Dubsado.”
— Cheniece, Advanced Virtual Assistant

Don’t just sustain your operations business—skyrocket it. 

The tricky thing about running a business is that you’re not just serving your existing clients. You’re also constantly on the lookout for new ones. 

Oh good. Another process and set of contacts to keep track of. But Moxie is a powerful CRM—without any bloat and complexity. With Moxie’s sales pipeline and automation tools, building, managing, and tracking your sales process has quite literally never been easier.There are templates for proposals, contracts, and more, so you can lead the way from prospect to client feeling cool as a cucumber. 

Plus, we know leads and dream clients aren’t all you’re keeping track of. Moxie’s CRM will also help you organize other freelancers, collaborators, and strategic partners. It has all of the contact information your support business needs in one place. Move over, Rolodex. 

“As someone who recommends CRMs for a living, I have now moved my own business over to Moxie and will be recommending it to my clients going forward.”
— Jackie, Online Business Manager

Bring some calm to your calendar. 

Every single day is something different for you. That’s exhilarating, but also daunting. What on earth are you supposed to be doing again?

Moxie’s calendar immediately gives you a clear picture of your day, week, or entire business life. Plus, with an intuitive meeting scheduler and a built-in time tracker, you can control the calendar chaos with calm, collected confidence. 

Fixing your clients’ businesses shouldn’t f%#k up your own.

Your mission is admirable: You want to take some stress off your clients’ plates and help them run smoother, more successful businesses.

But that shouldn’t mean sacrificing your own operations. Progress for your clients shouldn’t mean punishment for you. 

And yet, that’s how it usually works. You’re left to duct tape together processes and tools that might work well for your clients, but transform your own internal systems into a full-blown dumpster fire. 

Enough is enough already, okay? It’s time to get the dang software that you actually need. 

We’re not just saying that because we want you to try Moxie (although, of course, we do). We’re saying that because you deserve to have what you need to do your very best work. 

Get the support your support business needs

Your clients come to you because they want your help to run a better business. But here’s the thing: you deserve a better business too. Because, when you get down to it, you can’t help your clients succeed if your own business is a certifiable s#!+show. 

Moxie is your “too good to be true” tool. You’ll love it. Your clients will love it. You’ll all wonder how you ever lived without it (and you definitely won’t want to do so again).


Ready for less stress and more success?

Get started with Moxie for free today. 

That’s it. That’s the pitch.

We’re here for you. Let’s get a good thing going, shall we? Start your free trial of Moxie now, no credit card required.