Why invoice with Moxie?

Make getting paid online a breeze

We know how to invoice as a freelancer and we made Moxie to tackle the challenges of it. Invoice and get paid without interruption. Turn tracked hours into an invoice in just a few clicks. Bill your clients and let them pay in just a few clicks with credit or debit cards, PayPal, or ACH in 81+ currencies.

Professional, client-
ready template

Presentation matters. With Moxie, you can create a customized freelance invoice template that represents your business, your way.

amit with moxie freelance

I send a lot of small, frequent invoices and proposals for my consulting business. Before using Moxie, I used Harvest and I often forgot to bill my clients for all the work I did. A lot of things fell through the cracks and I didn’t want to nickel and dime them. Now it’s so easy to get all these little things out to them that I end up billing $1,000 a month more.

Amit Bansil

Room for transparency
and details

The more your clients know, the better. End the guessing games and attach time and expenses to specific projects with dropdown labels, or add notes where necessary.

Automatic repeats,
nudges, and late fees

Ready to put accounting in cruise control? Moxie's got it handled with automatic recurring invoices, follow-ups, and late fee options—plus instant updates on any invoice action.

invoice tracking

It’s hard to keep your eyes on every invoice. Moxie keeps you organized by showing you exactly what needs to be billed, what’s already been billed, what’s due, and what’s done.


Seamless invoicing equals seamless pay days

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