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Moxie for Coaches and consultants

The stupid-good app to run your consulting business.

In a rush? Here are the nuts & bolts.

Less chaos. One streamlined place.
Headquarters for your clients with a client portal.
Calendar your meetings and your projects for a clear picture of your availability.
Your admin worked handled so you can get back to coaching.
Flexible product and service management.
Transparency with projects, timing, and invoices.
Organize (and automate) your sales pipeline.

As a coach or consultant, you have hard-won skills and expertise. You don’t hoard all of that specialized knowledge for yourself. Nope. You turn around and use it to help others—other people and other businesses—achieve similar success.

You’re doing important work. And you need (dare we say, deserve?) software that helps you get the job done. So now’s when we ask you: What does your current system look like in your consulting business?

Are you toggling between too many different tools and apps? Are you scrolling through endless email threads until you get blurry eyes and a hand cramp? Are you dealing with a calendar that looks like a patchwork quilt?

Cut the chaos. There’s a better way. We promise. 

Meet Moxie, the app that’s here to help you manage and grow your coaching or consulting business without all of the mayhem, context switching, and tool fatigue. 

Whether it’s your calendar, CRM, client portal, communication, invoices, contracts, time tracking…you’ll find what you need to run an organized and streamlined consulting business, all in one simple and intuitive place.

consulting freelance app

Say “goodbye” to scrolling, clicking, swapping, and searching and “hello” to software that puts your time and energy back where it belongs: with your clients. 

Create a client portal that does the legwork. 

Your clients need you. But being a solid strategist and consultant doesn’t mean being signed on 24/7 (at least it shouldn’t). 

With Moxie’s client portal, you can create a headquarters for your clients. Have an article you want to share with them? Add it to their portal. Want them to be able to quickly book a meeting? Include your scheduler right in your client portal too.

Whatever it is you want your clients to have self-serve access to, you can quickly and easily make it available in one, centralized spot. 

That means less urgent pings, calls, and requests for you, plus a far more straightforward and empowering experience for your clients.

“Instead of [clients] asking me so many questions, they have a self-service area. That part is very nice for me.”
- Anil Erkan, Executive Coach

Take control of your calendar.

As an advisor, your time is one of your most valuable assets. But you can’t maximize your time if you’re stuck playing an endless game of calendar Tetris. 

Moxie’s calendar brings some calm to the chaos by giving you a clear picture of your day, week, or a particular client. Feeling overwhelmed? Use the customizable filter views to take a look at only what you need to see at that exact moment—whether it’s a specific client, deliverable, deadline, or project. 

We know that your work is varied and multi-faceted. You might offer training, speaking engagements, and one-on-one coaching. And those different services inevitably require different amounts of time.

Use Moxie to set up different calendars for different aspects of your business. If and when a client needs to book a two-hour training block? Send them your training calendar so they can book for the right amount of time on a day that works for you. Boom.

Repeat after us: You’re the boss of your calendar. It’s not the boss of you. 

Spend less time coordinating and more time coaching. 

The client-facing stuff is the rewarding part of a coaching and consulting business. That’s when you make a real difference.

But you know that there’s still plenty of grunt work lurking behind the scenes. We’re talkin’ proposals, contracts, invoices, and bookkeeping—not exactly the stuff of entrepreneurial dreams. 

Moxie simplifies it all. You’ll find drag-and-drop proposals, legally-vetted editable contracts, easy invoice creation, and simple time tracking to keep you on top of the entire financial and administrative side of your business. 

It’ll save you the time spent going cross-eyed looking at digits, payment terms, and legalese so you can get back to the rewarding work you actually like. 

“Moxie gives me a sense of where I am and what’s still due and reassures me that nothing is falling through the cracks.”
- Staci Lowell, Nonprofit Consultant 


Your business is flexible. Your software should be too. 

Coaches and consultants meet needs. That could mean providing training to a group of executives or helping a startup hash out a winning marketing strategy. Or hey, maybe you’re doing both on the same day. 

Your business doesn’t fit in a box. You adjust your services and processes to serve the situation, whether that’s where you send your invoice or how you structure your proposal.

Other software will try to force you into a mold with rigid projects and workflows. Those inflexible structures, templates, and labels might work for freelance creatives, but they’re only limiting (and frustrating) for strategists and advisors.

With Moxie, you’re in the driver’s seat. No more hacking a system to make it work for you. You can customize your approach and benefit from software that’s as adaptable as you are.

Say “so long” to tool fatigue.

Moxie is what you need it to be. And that means you can ditch your jumbled hodgepodge of other tools—your form creator, calendar app, accounting platform, project management dashboard, and plenty more.

Moxie will help you run every aspect of your coaching or consulting business in one spot and save yourself valuable time and money. 

“I was able to replace four different apps with Moxie. It’s relieving app fatigue for many of us.”
- Tanya, Cloud Accounting Technology Specialist

Show your clients you know what you’re doing.

Your clients come to you for help. They need to be able to trust you right off the bat. And that means your business needs to scream, “Take a deep breath—you’re in the right place” and not, “Wait…let me just real quick find…I swear it’s here somewhere…hang on a minute…”

If your own business operations are a disorganized mess, suddenly you’re the cobbler with no shoes.

With Moxie, you can create a streamlined client experience from prospecting to onboarding to your ongoing work together. That way you can inspire confidence rather than concern. 

“With Moxie, I have put my onboarding questionnaire, calendar, and payment behind a single scheduling link. The process is easy and seamless for new coaching clients, and it reinforces my expertise.”
- Austin L. Church, Business Coach

Build your pipeline (and your revenue).

Your work is fulfilling, but you still need to earn a living. Moxie has what you need to not just run your business but to grow it. 

Did you find a lead? Are you talking to a potential new client? Are you managing your pipeline and sales activities in emails and spreadsheets? Or perhaps you’re paying for a CRM that’s way more complicated than you prefer?

No more. Moxie’s sales pipeline moves new opportunities through a tight sales process (and gives you immediate visibility into where things are), so you can efficiently convert more prospects to paying clients. 

After new clients pay their deposits, features like recurring invoices, friendly nudges, and subscription billing will help you avoid every business owner's least-favorite thing: payment headaches. 

Put us in, coach.

You help your clients make strategic decisions all day long. Don’t you think it’s time to make one for your own business?

Moxie is what you need to manage the ins and outs of your coaching or consulting business. We’re willing to bet you’ll wonder how you ever made do without it—much like your clients wonder how they ever made do without you. 


Ready for less stress and more success?

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