A Client Experience With Your Name and Brand

Customizable Look and Feel

Create your own fully branded client experience. From a personalized URL and extensive design choices to welcome messages and visibility settings, it’s all in your control.

custom branded experience
custom client portal

Everything’s Connected With Moxie

Clients can schedule meetings, collaborate on projects, sign proposals, pay invoices, and more—all from the comfort of their custom client portal.

dana moxie team

Moxie is going places and I'm going with it! Moxie was referred to me by a client and I have tried many other similar platforms. I literally have moved and canceled so many accounts and subscriptions because of being able to use one platform and have everything in one place with Moxie. Not to mention that the development team will PERSONALLY take the time to reach out to talk to you and ask you what you need and how to improve to help you! I have NEVER had an experience such as I have had with Moxie!

Dana Bello
Business Consultant

Client Collaboration Made Easy

Invite clients to work with you without worrying about privacy or personal information. Exchange notes, files, and sensitive payment information confidently—no shared passwords necessary.

portal client collaboration
client portal app

Proactive Client Prompts

Let your client portal app do the nudging for you. After logging in, your clients will be prompted to complete actions like paying outstanding invoices, signing contracts, and approving deliverables.

Client portal

Perfect your client experience

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