Why communicate with Moxie?

Smart and seamless syncing

You can (finally) exit those excess tabs. Communicator recognizes your client contacts, pulls in your work emails, and gathers texts and voicemails from your Moxie phone number for one complete and dependable reference point.

Easy, foolproof searchability

Searching your inbox can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Communicator makes looking back on important details easier than ever with intuitive tags and filters.

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Virtual business phone

Your personal phone doesn’t need to double as your work phone. With Communicator, you’ll get a virtual business phone number* so you can make calls, record calls, have text message conversations, and refer back to what was said—all in your browser or mobile app.

Customizable work/life boundaries

You started freelancing for a better quality of life, right? With Communicator, you can set time of day rules so you don’t receive work calls on personal time. Instead, divert them to voicemail or a different number.

*SMS and MMS compatible. Available in the US & Canada.


Transform the way you communicate

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