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In a rush? Here are the nuts & bolts.

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The business side of your business managed with Moxie.
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Systems and workflows to treat your business like the real business it is.
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Manage your clients and craft their experience working with you.
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Intentionally flexible project management to match the way you work.
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Meetings, projects, and tasks in your calendar so you don't get overbooked.
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Contracts you can have confidence in.
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Time tracking that keeps your time (instead of wasting it).
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If you’re like most freelancers, you started your business with a head full of dreams—you know, those swoon-worthy visions of what your newfound career freedom would look like.

Maybe you imagined yourself working on writing projects at a sunny, corner table in your favorite coffee shop. Or editing photos until every last detail was exactly the way you wanted it. Or getting so invested in an animation that you’d look up and suddenly realize that hours had whizzed right by. 

But once you have your freelance feet wet, you quickly realize that it’s not all daydreams and fantasies. 

Sure, you get to do the creative work you’re proud of. But you also have to handle your bookkeeping, taxes, sales pipeline, project management, client communication, project proposals, contracts…

Groan. Huff. Exasperated sigh. It’s not exactly the stuff that lured you to the freelance life in the first place, right? 

Don’t get discouraged. Get Moxie.

Moxie is software to help you run a better freelance business.

It brings together everything you need to manage and grow your business—your client portal, calendar, CRM, communication, invoices, contracts, payments, time tracking, project management, and more—into one spot. 

As a freelancer, it’s easy to feel like you also need to be an amateur lawyer, accountant, and salesperson. Moxie is here to lighten your load so you can give your time and energy back to the creative work you love (yep, the stuff that first drew you to freelancing).

“My mind was blown when I found Moxie, but what really sold me was that I could cancel all of the other subscription services I was using—the time tracker app, the workflow app, the project management app—and just keep everything in one place. Really, Moxie is amazing.”
- Casey

Less chaos for your creative brain. 

You're creative. You want to spend less time planning or managing the work and more time actually doing it. 

And while systems and workflows might seem like the antithesis to peak creativity, the opposite is actually true. When you iron out processes that work for your business, you don’t need to waste energy reinventing the wheel with each new client you sign or project you take on.

With Moxie, you can easily build a process to move through each step of your client journey without having to wonder what’s next. The groundwork is already there for you—so you can get to the creative work faster (and with more consistency, to boot). 

After all, invoices and timelines shouldn’t chip away at your creative resources. Save that ingenuity for what matters: your client work. 

I am OBSESSED with Moxie!! It checks all my boxes and more. With Moxie I have eliminated the need to use any other platform to manage projects or tasks. It’s truly and all in one software. I promise you will not regret it!
- Amanda M.

Be the boss. 

Every freelancer starts off brimming with enthusiasm about being their own boss…until they realize that being the boss can be dang hard sometimes. 

You don’t just have to manage your business—you have to manage your clients too. Waiting on them causes delays and confusion, so it’s better to put yourself in the driver’s seat and prove that you deserve their trust and confidence (not to mention their money).

With Moxie, you can craft a client experience that makes you look like the expert you are. Create winning proposals, send legally vetted contracts, and map out your projects and timelines all within the software.

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Tired of clients losing everything you sent them (seriously, what are they doing with it?!)? Use Moxie to create your own customizable and beautifully-branded client portal.

Clients can access resources, collaborate on projects, and pay their invoices from that one-stop shop. They don’t even need a Moxie account to do so. They just enter their email address and—boom—they’re in. 

Think of Moxie as your companion as you walk your clients from prospect all the way to “invoice paid” with less doubt and more direction. 


You’re flying by the seat of your pants solo. 

Freelancers have a reputation for being fickle and flighty, but if you’re going to do it well, you need to be more strategic and less scattered.

Moxie’s project management app is as flexible as you are, so you can structure it in a way that makes the most sense for your business. You’ll keep track of every last task and deadline so you can exceed your client’s expectations (not to mention your own).

And with Moxie’s calendar, you can get a clear picture of your day, week, and entire freelance life. Filter by client, deliverable, deadline, or project to get focused, see what you need, and better plan both your workload and your income.

Moxie keeps you on track so you can wave goodbye to overbooking, over-committing, and those dreaded “Oh $%!# that’s due today?!?!?” moments. 

“I tend to underestimate time and in turn undercharge. This is my first step in being a business rather than a creative with some projects. Thanks for creating the software I needed!”
Ryan Irving, Graphic Designer 

You do the creative work. Moxie can help with the rest. 

Running a business comes with a steep learning curve. Your freelance software shouldn’t.

While Moxie is packed with features to make freelancing easier, it’s still easy and approachable to use. You’ll be up and running (and wondering how you ever lived without it) in no time. 

Trade your concerns for confidence.

Am I doing this right? Does this make sense? Will this contract hold water? Is the IRS parked outside of my house in an unmarked car?

There are so many aspects of business ownership that seem to demand knowledge, skills, and expertise you don’t actually have. Muddling your way through pokes holes in your confidence and makes you feel like a big ol’ imposter.

You might not know what you’re doing when it comes to taxes, accounting, or contracts. That’s okay. Moxie does. When you manage your finances with Moxie, you’ll stay on top of all of the financial details of your business—your taxes, expenses, profits, and more. 

And if it’s contracts you’re sweatin’ over, Moxie’s legally vetted, editable contract templates will help you iron out a client agreement that gives you peace of mind (without all of the perplexity). 

"Moxie is that rare do-everything app that does everything well, from project management and invoicing to deal tracking and even communications, including phone numbers for me and my little team.
Michael B., Creative, Content Marketer

Make the most of your time.

When you’re doing your own thing, time is money. And if you want to earn more from your working hours (honestly, who doesn’t?), you need to know where your time is going. 

We get it—time tracking sounds like a hassle. But with Moxie, it’s not. Regardless of where you go on your computer, Moxie’s time tracker stays with you. You can easily log your time (yep, even only a minute here and a minute there) with just a click. 

If you do hourly rates, you can add your time-tracking details to your invoice so your clients have total transparency into what they’re paying you for—down to the minute.

Plus, Moxie’s time tracking reports help you visualize your time by project, client, month, day, and plenty more so you can be strategic with your time and get the most (money) out of it. 

Grow beyond a business of one.

Flying solo doesn’t necessarily mean you work alone. Your projects likely involve a lot of close collaboration and back-and-forth communication with your clients.

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If you’re tired of chasing down feedback and resources in random email threads and folders, add your client as a collaborator in Moxie. You and your clients can comment, tag, link, and attach items within the platform, so you never have to hunt for what you need.

Moxie’s communicator helps you avoid crossed wires and missed messages too. It’s a universal inbox and virtual work phone that brings all of your client communication into one spot (without you having to give out your personal contact details).

And if your future business plans involve growing beyond a business of one, you can add subcontractors and team members as collaborators in Moxie too. They can climb onboard and quickly become a seamless part of your business. 

You run your business. We make it easier.

You started your business with big dreams. Don’t let those fantasies quickly spiral into frustrations.

Moxie can help you manage your projects, streamline your client communication, and take control of your finances so you can balance your creative genius with the business sense of a seasoned entrepreneur.


Ready for less stress and more success?

Get started with Moxie for free today. 

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