Why choose Moxie over Honeybook?

Honeybook serves small businesses. Moxie serves you—the freelancer, the solopreneur, and the boss—by giving you everything you need for simplicity and sanity in your business.

5 stars in the App Store
4.6 stars on TrustPilot

Choose Moxie over Honeybook and live your project management dreams.

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Intuitive from day one

Starting Honeybook requires forms and workflow setup––a.k.a. precious time. Moxie is designed to be easy and valuable the moment you log in, from click-to-create proposals that become active projects to seamless time tracking, an interconnected calendar, and more.

Moxie saves me several hours a week.
Erica H.
Moxie does everything I was looking for AND MORE.
Laura T.
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All-inclusive, global platform

As a freelancer, you should feel free to work wherever (and with whoever) you want. While Honeybook limits you to the US and Canada, Moxie empowers you to collaborate, invoice, and get paid across borders.

Built for freelancers, contractors, and solopreneurs

Small business-ing is different from freelancing. While Moxie can serve small businesses, our platform was specifically designed to streamline and improve the way freelancers work. It’s not overly complicated––it’s wonderfully simple.

Moxie was exactly the tool I needed.
Bryan G.

Live your best #bosslesslife

Moxie exists to help freelancers turn passion into income, and as proud as we are of our software, we’re interested in a holistic solution.

Features that make sense

Could we add more stuff? Yeah! Do freelancers need more stuff to do? No. We listen to freelancers and follow the data on our feedback page to make updates that matter to the most people.

Priority support

Got a question? We’re here to answer as soon as humanly possible. Help from real humans for every human who uses Hectic.

Everything included

No gimmicks or coupons or add ons. One app for everything. One price that includes it all.



  • Freelancers, solopreneurs, small agencies who want to run their business (just with a tool that makes it easier)
  • Custom workflows for projects, tasks, and sub-tasks
  • Simple consistent pricing
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  • Professionals who run events or other date-based work
  • Getting paid for work done around an occurrence
  • Starter deals for a few months at a time
With all plans:

World-class human support for all

Our support team is with you every step of the way to help you do what you love, so you can love what you do.

What's inside

All the features you expect (and more)

Control your freelance business so it stops controlling you. From client to project management, time tracking, invoicing, and everything in-between — stay on top of all your work in one intuitive platform.

Client Management

Keep your contacts in one place. Add people and roles. Customize the settings for each relationship. This is your new-school Rolodex.

Project Management

This is what you've been missing. Break down your projects into tasks, due dates, and deliverables. Customize pretty much anything. Work how you like to work.


Only bookkeepers love bookkeeping, so we've simplified expense tracking, profit calculating, and third-party integrations. You're welcome.

Proposals & Contracts

With Moxie you can move smoothly from discovery calls to strong proposals to rock-solid client agreements to payments. No more hopping from app to app.


Centralize every deliverable, meeting, and detail of your freelance business in one (freakishly organized) place.


We’re passionate about getting freelancers paid quickly and safely with recurring invoices, online payments, and straightforward accounting.

Time Tracking

Tedious since the dawn of time. Built seamlessly into the Moxie platform for easy invoicing and tracking your effective hourly rate.


Invite other freelancers or agencies to your projects. Tag-team tasks and deliverables with them. Track time and share files, ideas, and project updates. Party on, Wayne.

Mobile App

All of Moxie’s formidable capabilities in an app. Quick invoice while getting coffee. Project update at the dentist. Whatever you need, wherever you are.

Meeting scheduler

Skip the games of email tag, and send clients your scheduling link instead. Then grab a nap or a drink with all your new-found spare time.

Client portal

You know how clients will ask for things you’ve already sent them? That will still happen, but now, send them the link to a custom portal where all their project files, invoices, and contracts live.


All client communications in one inbox. Emails, text messages, new requests, and support tickets. Get a business line so your personal phone can be for just memes again.

Sales Pipeline

A CRM built to keep freelancers organized with customizable automations and a forecast more accurate than the weatherman.
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Client management
client overview
Keep client relationships moving and grooving with a system specifically designed to help you stay on top of every detail.
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Project management
project management calendar
Go from overwhelmed to on top of the world with a collaborative project management tool that visualizes and streamlines your workflow.
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add expense
Conquer bookkeeping once and for all with expense tracking, profit calculating, and painless third-party integrations. 
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Proposals & Contracts
freelance proposal
Transform client intro calls into winning proposals into legally binding contracts, all in a few clicks.
calendar iconcalendar inactive
Centralize every deliverable, meeting, and detail of your freelance business in one (freakishly organized) place.
payment iconinvoices inactive
freelance invoice system
Get paid quickly and safely with one-click invoicing, automatic late fees, protective terms, and online payment acceptance.
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Time tracking
time tracking software
Track time by project, deliverable, or client without opening up one more browser––then invoice automatically.
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Meetings & Forms
client information and time tracking
Center your freelance business around your clients with the first freelancer client relationship management system that helps you stay on top of every detail for your clients; finally, client health can always be top of mind.
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Invite collaborators to join your project so you can share files, swap ideas, and track time in one place.
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Mobile App
mobile layout
Carry the power of Moxie––and your entire freelance business––in your back pocket.
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Meeting scheduler
meeting scheduler app
Skip the games of email tag and take charge of your time with simplified calendar syncing and collaborating.
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Client portal
client portal
Create a custom, loveable client experience that you’re proud to put your name and brand on. Voilà.
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client communication
All of your client communications, one organized inbox.
Sales Pipeline
A CRM built to keep freelancers organized with customizable automations and a forecast more accurate than the weatherman.

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