Why manage your calendar with Moxie?

filter views

When it’s all too much, Moxie allows you to take a step back. Filter your calendar by client, deliverable, deadline, or project status to see exactly what you need to see.

customizable filter views
google calendar integration

Google Calendar

Need to incorporate existing calendars or sync standing meetings? It’s not a problem, it’s just a click of your mouse.

freelancer collaboration

Moxie is the gateway for me being able to streamline the process of running a business! I own a mobile automotive detailing business as well as a photography and videography freelance business and this has been super helpful and applicable to both of those for managing my clients and creating and completing projects! I have definitely seen an improvement on my deadline meeting requirements as well as my client follow up and interaction.

Chandler Tornton
Content creator

invoice vision

We know there’s more to freelancing than meetings. With Moxie, you can also use your calendar to follow proposals, monitor invoices, track time, and check due dates.

proposal to invoice
time tracking insights

Time tracking insights

Wondering where your time goes? See how you’re spending your days from the comfort of your calendar and adjust or re-allocate as needed.

Consider it your
freelance dashboard

Whatever you’re trying to do, you can do it from your calendar. Bill time to a project, finish a drafted proposal, or follow up on an invoice—it’s all possible With Moxie.

freelance dashboard

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