Why schedule with Moxie?

Easy, client-friendly calendar syncing

Save time scheduling and give clients direct access to you by embedding a Meeting Scheduler right on your website, adding it to your email signature, or sharing a link.

calendar syncing
control availability

Full control over your availability

Share different availability with different people—and let Moxie connect everything back to one calendar. Want to offer 30-min intro meetings on your website and also send your established client options for a 3-hour workshop? You can do both.

Customizable discovery forms

Dive right into discovery mode and make onboarding a breeze with custom forms for new client meetings—plus added personal touches along the way with custom confirmation pages.

customizable discovery forms

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automatic reminders

Automatic reminders, buffer time, and calendar blocking

Don’t stress about your schedule. Moxie will send you meeting reminders, leave buffer time between appointments, and block your calendar when you’re OOO.

Seamless essential connections

Connect and manage all your calendars in one place with seamless connections to Apple iCloud, Google, or Microsoft calendars. And direct connections to your Zoom or Google Meet account.

seamless connections
Meeting scheduler

Own your time

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