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Moxie for Digital Marketers

Software that has what your digital marketing business needs (and what you didn’t even know you needed).

In a rush? Here are the nuts & bolts.

All your client onboarding in one place.
No more searching or switching apps.
Sales pipeline with all you need and nothing you don't.
Streamline your admin work.
Project management that flexes for how you work.
Quick adoption to Moxie with an easy learning curve.

You just signed a new digital marketing client (cue the champagne pop). But let us ask you this: How’d you get here?

We’re willing to bet there was plenty of swearing at wonky Google Docs or the finicky Adobe suite while creating a polished proposal. 

And then maybe you set up a quote in your accounting software. 

And maybe next you sent over your contract using your esignature app before asking a bunch of intake questions via email so you could set up that client in your project management platform. 

…screeching brakes…

Go back and do some simple math. You’ve already used five different apps and tools—and you aren’t even doing the actual work yet. 

Get software that clicks (so you can click less). 

Meet Moxie, the app that’s here to help you run and grow your digital marketing business without all of the clicking, scrolling, context switching, and tool fatigue. 

No matter how varied and multi-faceted your business is, you’ll find what you need under one roof. Moxie brings your client portal, calendar, CRM, communication, invoices, contracts, payments, time tracking, and more into one simple, intuitive system. 

That means you can spend less time searching for information and switching between apps and more time on what matters most: delivering impressive marketing strategies and winning results for your clients. 

“With Moxie, I realized that I had been jumping through a lot of hoops with my previous system and much of the data I was painstakingly logging simply wasn't relevant - not to mention the pages and pages of reports filled with accounting terms that I don't understand. Moxie is focused on freelancers and cuts out the unnecessary stuff to get to the core of what's important: getting paid.”
Kay, Digital Marketer

Set up a client experience that’s silky smooth.

As a digital marketer, you understand customer journeys. Heck, you probably understand them better than you know the alphabet at this point. 

But when was the last time you turned the magnifying glass on yourself? Have you polished up your own client experience? Or are you just “making things work” (and we use that term loosely)? 

From the first discovery call to the final invoice, you want your client experience to proclaim, “I’ve got this!” and not, “Oh, I think I have that somewhere.” Jumbled email threads, clunky processes, long response times, missing resources, and endless back-and-forth chip away at your client’s confidence in your business and your expertise.

You can do better with Moxie by bringing your entire client experience into one easy spot. From quotes to contracts to payments to the actual work, you don’t have to bounce between solutions (and drag your clients along for the bumpy ride). 

Moxie enables you to take your clients all the way from prospect to “invoice paid” with less headaches and hassles for both of you. 

“I went with Moxie because I was looking for something to hang my reputation hat on.”
- Mark Ormiston, Digital Marketing Director

More client work, less admin work.

You probably didn’t start your digital marketing business thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait to be a bookkeeper, salesperson, and project manager!”

Nope. You’re in this to do the creative work you’re passionate about, yet it’s the admin tasks that can be a real time (and energy) suck. 

Moxie helps you lighten your load. You’ll find straightforward accounting features to keep your numbers in order, a chaos-reducing calendar to understand exactly what’s on your plate, and professional invoices to help you with the best part of running your own business: getting paid. 

On the sales side, Moxie’s sales pipeline helps you automate your sales process and keep track of every lead so you can convert prospects to paying customers without so much manual work. 

digital marketing freelance app

Don’t just manage your business—manage your clients. 

Moxie will help you work magic in the background of your business, but you can use it front and center with your clients too. 

With Moxie’s client portal, you can set up a 24/7 resource for your clients. Through the portal, they can collaborate on projects, schedule meetings, sign proposals, pay invoices, and more—without having to dig through their inboxes to find what they need. It’s the simplest client experience you can offer (beyond, you know, never needing anything from them). 

You can also make sure you stay on top of every single client request, question, or comment with Moxie’s communicator. It’s a universal inbox and a virtual work phone that pulls all of your client communication into one, unmissable place (all without giving out your personal phone number to your clients). 

“Doing admin is already tedious, so why make it even more tedious and complicated with an ugly interface? Again, Moxie understood this issue perfectly and it shows. I literally feel joy when I use it, and my once tedious tasks feel so much fun now.”
Lisa Coulson, Digital Marketer

Project management that’s as flexible as your business.

You might work with one client on a single campaign or deliverable for a few weeks. You might work with another on a steady, retainer basis for years. Those types of projects are different, but it’s equally important that you manage both of them well.

Other project management platforms will box you in with rigid templates and labels. But Moxie is completely customizable, so you can set up projects in a way that makes sense to you and your clients. 

Forget the other “square peg, round hole” project management solutions you’ve been using and build workflows that actually work for your business. 


Your clients need you. You need reliable software.

You deserve more than tools that get the job done—you deserve software that helps you get the job done easily, quickly, and (mostly) painlessly.

Think of it this way: Less time spent struggling with technology means more time spent delivering results for your clients. 

1. Get right up and running. 

Have you ever felt like you know you could be more efficient but you don’t have the time to figure out…well, how to be more efficient? When you’re already busy, you don’t have hours to dedicate to demos and tutorials to learn the ins and outs of new software.

We have good news: With Moxie, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’re up and running. 

digital marketing freelance tool

2. Get exactly what you pay for. 

You’ve probably signed up for other software before only to be immediately prompted with upsells to access additional features and capabilities (you know, the ones you thought you were already getting). 

Not with Moxie. With our affordable, all-inclusive pricing, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. And, oh yeah, you’ll actually get it. 

3. Get (helpful and friendly) customer support.

Getting up to speed with Moxie is easy. If you do have any questions, we’re here to help. Yes, we mean real, live, friendly people who use Moxie themselves and are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the platform.

And with that in mind, Moxie is just like your business: It’s always getting better. The Moxie of today isn’t the Moxie of tomorrow. We’re always rolling out new features and updates to deliver more value to your business—so you can deliver more value to your clients. 

“I feel like you guys are listening. You’re doing the work. I see the updates. I constantly see emails about what you’ve released recently.”
- Aika Yussubaliyeva, Salesforce Consultant 

Less stress. Better business. Happy clients. 

That’s what we’re all about at Moxie. You know how to do the marketing work (you’re a whiz at it, we know it). But we can help with the rest of it—project management, client onboarding, communication, accounting, and plenty more. 


Ready for less stress and more success?

Get started with Moxie for free today. 

That’s it. That’s the pitch.

We’re here for you. Let’s get a good thing going, shall we? Start your free trial of Moxie now, no credit card required.