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Moxie for Web Developers

You design beautiful websites. Your customers (and their customers) see the polished finished product, but you know that there’s plenty happening under the hood.

In a rush? Here are the nuts & bolts.

Make your admin work look as good as your end product.
One tab for contracts, projects, and invoices.
Manage ongoing and single projects in the same place.
Client portal that showcases your skills and integrates your projects.
Dedicate your time to development and not expense tracking.
Collaborate with clients on projects on your terms.

Freelance software that hits the nail on the </head>.

Your web design business has a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff involved in delivering a finished project (and getting paid for it).

There’s sales, client relationships, project management, accounting…you know, all of the not-so-glamorous work that doesn’t exactly light your heart on fire. 

Good news: that’s where Moxie comes in. 

Moxie is freelance software that brings all of the different aspects of your business—from your projects and deadlines to your invoices and client communication—under one roof. 

With Moxie, you can say “goodbye” to all of your different business management tools, documents, and spreadsheets and say “hello” to business processes that are as sleek and smooth as the websites you design. 

That means less time spent on tedious, time-consuming, and troublesome admin tasks and more time spent on the design and any dev work you actually enjoy. 

Seamlessly manage your ongoing and one-off projects.

Forget trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with rigid labels and systems. Moxie’s project management features are as flexible as your business. 

You can set up tasks, subtasks, and due dates to manage the ins and outs of a single web design project. But it’s just as easy to build workflows and timelines for ongoing projects or client engagements, like website maintenance and hosting. 

Regardless of the project’s type, size, or duration, Moxie will keep track of all of the moving parts so you can avoid those panicked, “Oh $%!+ did I send…?!” middle-of-the-night wakeups. 

“I don’t stress about my projects anymore or wonder if I’ve missed something.”
- Lisa Williams, Web Designer 

Build workflows that are smooth and not scattered. 

Your business processes shouldn’t require a navigation menu. If your typical approach involves hopping from your accounting software to your project management platform to a Notion document and then back to your project management tool, believe us when we tell you this: there’s a (much, much, much) better way.

In Moxie, you can go from point A all the way to point Z without swapping between different windows and solutions.

That means you can book the project, plan the project, collaborate on the project, deliver the project, and bill for the project—all from the same place. 

“I cannot recommend Moxie enough. As a web designer who needs a little bit of everything in one program, Moxie is the first project management system to deliver. I can invoice, create contracts, manage the project, and provide a beautiful portal to my clients all within their dashboard. I love it!”
- Katie, Web Designer

Deliver a client experience that’s as responsive as your websites.

You’re a web designer. You know how much usability matters. So if your clients need to create accounts or deal with clunky downloads just to give you feedback or approvals? Well, that’s a problem. 

With Moxie’s client portal, you can build your own client headquarters. It’s where your clients can access and do everything they need, like signing proposals, paying invoices, providing feedback,revisiting project briefs, and offering approvals. 

And since you’re obviously all about design and aesthetics, your portal is entirely customizable and brandable (even with a personalized URL). 

freelance app for web developers

There’s no steep learning curve for your clients either—it’s super easy and intuitive for them to find their way around. Plus, they don’t even need a Moxie account to access your portal. They just enter their email address and, boom, they’re in. 


More of the work you love, less of the stuff you don’t. 

Can your web design business get by with a hodgepodge of tools and clunky, duct-taped workflows? Sure. That’s the way many of us have worked for years. 

You can get by with a Frankentech stack the same way your clients can “get by” with that garish website they haven’t updated since the early 2000s (wait…is that background music on the homepage?!). 

But hey, there’s a big difference between getting the job done and getting the job done well. Moxie’s here to help you do the latter. 

Simplify (and step up) your accounting processes. 

You wanted to be a web designer—not an accountant. Moxie makes it easy to stay on top of every single financial detail of your business (yes, even if you don’t consider yourself a “numbers person”). 

Because Moxie has everything in one place, you can go from “project done” to “invoice sent” in just a couple of clicks. And forget digging through spreadsheets or your bank account statements. Moxie gives you a quick and easy glimpse at who’s paid and who still owes. 

With Moxie’s client portal, your clients don’t have any excuse to not pay (or to not pay on time). They can pay invoices directly within the portal. You can even offer automatic payments. If clients need to update their payment information, they can do that right in the portal too. 

Put simply, Moxie will help you transform the financial side of your business from something you dread to something you dominate. 

“Now it’s so easy to get all these little things out to them that I end up billing $1,000 a month more.
- Amit Bansil, Developer 

Take the chaos out of client collaboration.

Your typical web design project probably involves a lot of client collaboration. You might have initial intake questions and design inspiration, requests, feedback, approvals…it’s a lot of back-and-forth. 

Are you combing back through endless email threads to find what you need? No more. Add your client as a collaborator in Moxie so they can leave all of their project-related notes and comments there.

Moxie’s Communicator gives you another avenue for streamlined client communication. It’s a universal inbox and virtual work phone that allows you to keep your clients in the loop (without giving out your personal contact details).

web developer freelance app

And if you feel like half your job is issuing reminders, the client portal can lighten your load. Clients will get helpful nudges to complete pending actions like paying invoices, signing contracts, and approving deliverables.

You can get what you need—without having to do all of the nagging yourself. 

Benefit from software that’s always getting better. 

You know that websites aren’t static. They require constant updates and upkeep. Well, here at Moxie, we believe the same thing about software. 

We’re always rolling out new features to help you run a better business. After all, your business is always evolving—your software should too.

If and when you have questions or feedback for us, you can forget robo-chats and form responses. You’ll find a real, live, friendly person who’s dedicated to helping you get the most out of Moxie. 

Software worth a Ctrl + S.

You know how to design beautiful websites. But there’s more to running a successful business than the actual creative work. 

That’s why Moxie is here to help you with all of the other stuff. Project management, client onboarding, communication, accounting…you get the idea. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

That’s it. That’s the pitch. We’re here for you. 

As a designer, you know now’s the part where we include a CTA.


Ready for less stress and more success?

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