Why choose Moxie over Bonsai?

There are lots of apps that want to be your “all-in-one.” Moxie's goal is to give freelancers better software that does what you need without getting in your way.

moxie vs bonsai
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5 stars in the App Store
4.6 stars on TrustPilot

Choose Moxie over Bonsai for workflows that work for you.

automated workflows

Customizable automated workflows

Freelancing looks different for everyone. While Bonsai is limited by structure, Moxie is flexible by design––allowing you to manage multiple clients, projects, deadlines, and workflows, however you see fit.

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Moxie saves me several hours a week.
Erica H.
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Moxie does everything I was looking for AND MORE.
Laura T.
client collaboration

Built for client collaboration

In Bonsai, collaboration can be hard to coordinate. With Moxie's all-inclusive global platform, you can invite clients directly into your workflow to talk, exchange files, sign documents, make payments, and more––all in one shared space.

mobile experience

Full-feature mobile experience

Freelancing is all about freedom. Unlike Bonsai, which is best experienced on desktop, Moxie is the same whether you’re on the computer or on your phone––allowing you to embrace life outside the office.

star rating
Moxie was exactly the tool I needed.
Bryan G.
star rating
Fantastic value for freelancers, sole traders and small businesses.
Sandra C.
built for freelancers

Built for freelancers, contractors, and solopreneurs

Small business-ing is different from freelancing. While Moxie can serve small businesses, our platform was specifically designed to streamline and improve the way freelancers work. It’s not overly complicated––it’s wonderfully simple.

Live your best #bosslesslife


Features that make sense

Could we add more stuff? Yeah! Do freelancers need more stuff to do? No. We listen to freelancers and follow the data on our feedback page to make updates that matter to the most people.


Priority support

Got a question? We’re here to answer as soon as humanly possible. Help from real humans for every human who uses Moxie.


Everything included

No gimmicks or coupons or add ons. One app for everything. One price that includes it all.


  • Freelancers, solopreneurs, small agencies who want to run their business (just with a tool that makes it easier)
  • Creating your custom workflow and putting your projects through it
  • Your custom branding on all client-facing work
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$17/mo Starter
$32/mo Professional
$52/mo for Business
  • Small businesses or agencies who need to get organized
  • Managing a check-list of things to do
  • Really lovely tree motifs
With all plans:

World-class human support for all

Our support team is with you every step of the way to help you do what you love, so you can love what you do.

Better, enterprise-quality software

Moxie gives you a strong and flexible foundation, supported by talented engineers. It does what you need it to without getting in your way. It’s just… better.

Like your old CRM, just more connected

It was easy when you were only managing a handful of people. Now you’ve got multiple stakeholders, dedicated billing contacts, and their dogs’ birthdays. And where did that mailing address for tax forms run off to? If thinking about this makes you sweat, we’ve got you.

What you can do:

Client health snapshot (what you’ve done and what you’ve been paid)

Single source of truth - addresses, agreements, invoices, and pet’s names

Levels of access for full collaborators or folks who just process invoices

Customizable fields for all your favorite data points.

My projects are managing me

Whether you log and check off every task to feel the satisfaction or think in terms of big deliverables, Moxie’s system has just-right flexibility integrated with a full suite of tools—from agreements to invoices. We don’t judge how you organize things, just help you stay sane.

What you can do:

Your choice: high-level projects and/or tasks and granular subtasks

Billing options (hourly, recurring, fixed rate, or a combo)

Controlled access based on how you work with clients and teammates

One project to rule them all: files, notes, and tasks in one centralized place

Please make this easier

Tracking expenses was never a part of the freelance dream, but it only takes one painful tax season of corralling receipts to reinforce the necessity of tracking revenue, expenses, and write-offs. Moxie keeps you on top of the money flowing in and out (and vendors too!) with a profit and loss report that does the math for you.

What you can do:

Organized expenses tied to clients and categories

Click-to-invoice reimbursable expenses

Vendor tracking for the people you work with most

Integrations including Plaid, QuickBooks, Xero, and more

The scope. It has creeped.

You found the right client. They requested a proposal. Should you panic? No, because WithMoxie you’ve got our proposal templates, as well as any you create. Save all your packages, prices, and language around why clients should hire you, add your contract legalese, and voila!

What you can do:

Full onboarding experience with welcome content, questionnaires, and meeting schedulers built in (optional, but awesome)

Legal terms vetted by our attorney and designed to protect you

Seamless integration with invoicing, payment processing, and project management

E-signatures or simple accept buttons - whatever you need!

What day is today? And what year?

When was that invoice paid? How many projects do you have for March? Wasn’t there a meeting tomorrow? Answer: Moxie’s calendar. You can view a quick day-by-day view of your business, including when your agreement was sent or signed, if you’ve got a task due, and what time you’ve worked. One place. All the things. Long exhale.

What you can do:

Integrations with Google, iCal, and Outlook (listed last because it sucks)

Follow your agreements money with sent and signed dates

One click adds time from your meetings to your timesheet. Boom.

Pay me what you owe me

Why is it easy to forget to send invoices? Probably because creating them is such a chore. Rather, it used to be. WithMoxie, it’s a cinch to add time tracked, do all the math, and email it to the right person. Recurring invoices and payment plans connected to projects are easy to. Deb in Accounting is going to love it.

What you can do:

Automatic recurring invoices (or not)

Automatic payment on due date (or not)

Connected reimbursable expenses

Online payments (Stripe and PayPal)

Add details about time tracked as needed

Automatic reminders. Who has time to remember a reminder?

Oh (time)sheet.

Whether you charge hourly or not, it’s wise to track your time. It’s a pain, we realize, but at least Moxie lets you do it by client, project, or task. Later, you can use those insights to make informed decisions to recalibrate your prices and services. And if clients want those detailed reports and insights, you can quickly bless their micromanaging hearts.

What you can do:

Add notes

Track time in real time

Add time manually when you forget

Assign time to clients and projects

Integrate with invoicing

My team makes the dreamwork

Solopreneur doesn’t mean you always work alone. Bring your favorite freelancer or agency team along with you. Update to the Teams plan if you need to add your accountant and virtual assistant. Get super granular with the permissions and access. Tag people when you have questions or need feedback. Shower one another with emojis (or not).

What you can do:

Unlimited collaborators (projects only)

Customized access for teammates (e.g., accountant, VA, agency)

Share and track all project management details in one place

Assign tasks for clear communication

Your spreadsheet needs an upgrade

In case you didn’t have a corporate job (lucky you), your sales pipeline in Moxie is where you track all your project leads through various stages. You can also use workflow automations to check in with potential clients, onboard them, and otherwise make your life easier.

What you can do:

Every prospect and opportunity and their details contained

Custom pipeline stages based on your personal workflow

Automations for your onboarding, scheduling, reviews, and everything in between

Prioritize your leads when one looks sweeter than another

So there IS a better way

Cut out the back and forth by sending one link with your availability already set. Your client, bookkeeper, or date (we won’t judge) can pick a day and time that works. You can create as many meeting types as you like and integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, and Sessions.

What you can do:

Unlimited meeting types (e.g., 15-minute speed dating round)

Embedded forms for gathering details and context for the meeting

Integrated payment (your time literally became money)

Customizable reminders

Block out time before and/or after meetings

My client can't find their file. Again.

Clients are lost. It’s not their fault that you’re better at most everything. That’s why they hired you. You can make your life easier by giving them a single home where everything lives: projects, invoices, agreements, and any other custom pages. Customize the portal’s design to match your brand. Breathe a sigh of relief.

What you can do:

Connect all of Moxie’s tools or restrict what clients can see

Add custom pages and links outside of Moxie too

Grant full project collaboration or hide a project all together

Proactive nudges when invoices are due or agreements need to be signed

Get approvals with one click

Can you hear me now?

US, Canada, and UK only. Keep your email and phone number to yourself by routing all the communications from Moxie contacts to a work-focused inbox. This helps to declutter your regular inbox and reinforces boundaries too. Set business hours and close shop when it’s time.

What you can do:

Business phone line with answering service and forwarding

Known contact syncing - keep the spam out and only your clients in

Searchability just like your favorite email provider

Set “in office” hours get your life back

I just need an answer.

You're an efficient human. The questions you ask before every projects stay the same and give you all the info you could ever need.... when they actually get answered. Put it in a form. Force someone to answer all the questions. Keep a record in Moxie and celebrate the simplicity.

What you can do:

Embed a form on your website

Conditional form paths

Map fields for use throughout your onboarding process

Add file uploads, dates, and more to as many forms as you like

Give it a go.

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