Our team of career freelancers writes about best invoice practices, what makes a great client, and repeats the mantra, "never work without a contract." We're opinionated about the future of work and will always be on the side of freelancers.

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Latest by contributor
You're Probably Calculating Freelance Rates All Wrong
With a suite of tools designed for freelancers, Moxie can help you get a clear picture of your finances and get those rates just right.
Why freelancers need a sales pipeline tool
Sustaining a profitable freelance business with a steady stream of clients? It's not a pipe dream. A pipeline is the answer.
7 tips to turn freelancing into a career
7 practical steps for when you start dreaming about a full time career in freelancing. (Tips on convincing your mom not included.)
Moxie is for freelancers
We're on a mission to empower every entrepreneurial mind to turn passion into success.
Six in demand freelance careers for 2023
If you're doing one of these jobs, you're in exactly the right position to be needed by everyone in 2023.
6 tips for late fees
No one likes chasing down an overdue invoice. With these 6 tips, we'll help you navigate how to legally set up late fees and best practices for collecting them.
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