Why use Moxie’s form builder?

Use forms to save time

If time is money, that means efficiency is an ATM. It’s easy to forget an important question in a call or email thread—and do you really want more of either?—so use forms to cut out manual back-and-forth with clients.

You’ll waste less time without negatively affecting client experience.

moxie form builder
custom form building

Make a better impression

Doctors, mechanics, and plumbers have diagnostic tests. Creatives and consultants should too. The right forms streamline onboarding, position you as an expert, and help you pull out the insights needed to write strong proposals.

The votes are in... Freelancers love Moxie.

See what we mean by “stupid-good tools”

In a Moxie’s agreement, you can combine forms and questionnaires with schedulers, contracts, signatures, and payment processing to create a complete—and pretty snazzy— onboarding experience. Save it as a template and take a client from “barely know you” to “biggest fan” with a single link.

save forms as templates
sync moxie forms

It’s all coming together

Moxie’s forms work in tandem with the other features.

  • Combine them with an email templates to help with initial client discovery.

  • Connect one to your meeting scheduler so you always go in prepared.

  • Add one form to your proposal to kickstart the onboarding experience

Best of all, keep all that info in Moxie without so much as a “copy paste.”


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