Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee worked in marketing and promotions for radio and event coordination for non-profits. Today, she uses those skills to sell the day’s schedule to three tiny humans. Michelle gets most excited about helping people reach their fullest potential and finding a G-2 .38 pen.

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Latest by contributor
Satta Hightower on marketing your freelance business
Always be marketing. That's Satta Hightower's advice as a 14-year freelancer. Do these 4 things every week to keep your pipeline full of just the right clients.
Michelle Lee
Greg Mount on discovering your niche
How do you start finding a niche when it's so personal to you? Try this 5 question strategy to get yourself started.
Michelle Lee
Kat Boogaard's magic outreach email
In her workshop, Kat Boogaard shares the strategy and actual email she sent to book $3K in new assignments.
Michelle Lee
Dana Miranda's calendar strategy to double your freelance income
Dana Miranda from Healthy Rich teaches us how to set your calendar double your freelance income.
Michelle Lee
Austin L. Church's 14 step sales process
Some of our best notes (plus Q&A!) from Austin L. Church's workshop on a full freelance sales process.
Michelle Lee
5 freelance podcasts we actually listen to
Our favorite podcasts for freelancing advice, tips, and inspiration
Michelle Lee
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