Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee worked in marketing and promotions for radio and event coordination for non-profits. Today, she uses those skills to sell the day’s schedule to three tiny humans. Michelle gets most excited about helping people reach their fullest potential and finding a G-2 .38 pen.

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Latest by contributor
What Accounting Software Do Successful Freelancers Use?
Keeping those hard-earned dimes in order is a tad more complex than avoiding that overpriced, super-frothy latte. Selecting the right accounting software isn't the endgame; it's the beautiful symphony that plays as you dance through the freelance world.
Michelle Lee
Do We Need a Business Bank Account as a Freelancer?
To bank or not to bank, that is the question! Dive into the freelance finance quest of: do you really need a business bank account?
Michelle Lee
Managing Cash Flow as a Freelancer: How Go-Getter Freelancers Stay in the Green
Managing cash flow can feel like trying to eat soup with a fork. But with a dash of strategy, a sprinkle of humor, and tools like Moxie by your side, you can slurp up success and send those cash flow blues running.
Michelle Lee
Wudan Yan and how to negotiate in your freelance business
Wudan Yan trains us on how to flex your negotiation muscle as a business owner and what things you must have in any negotiation.
Michelle Lee
Heston Roberts and using Instagram's features for your small business
Heston Roberts from Social Varsity breaks down the best use of each of Instagram's features.
Michelle Lee
Preston Lee and passive income opportunities for freelancers
Passive income creation is not just for clickbait. It's not magic, but it can be great money for any freelancer. Preston Lee from talks about how.
Michelle Lee
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