Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee worked in marketing and promotions for radio and event coordination for non-profits. Today, she uses those skills to sell the day’s schedule to three tiny humans. Michelle gets most excited about helping people reach their fullest potential and finding a G-2 .38 pen.

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Managing Ongoing Client Relationships as a Freelancer: Cultivating Success with Moxie
As a freelancer, you know that each client relationship is like cultivating a rare orchid. Transform the art of managing ongoing client relationships with Moxie.
Michelle Lee
Best Communication Tools for Freelancers: Harnessing the Power of Moxie
As freelancers, juggling multiple projects and clients, your success hinges on clear communication.
Michelle Lee
The Art of Crafting a Freelance Tax Invoice: Get Paid Faster
Understanding the ins and outs of a tax invoice isn't just good practice — it's a symphony of numbers, details, and legal necessities that play together in harmony.
Michelle Lee
Types of Freelance Clients You Should Avoid at All Costs
Beware, dear freelancers, not all clients are the Brie or Gouda of your cheese board; some are more like that dubious block of unknown origin.
Michelle Lee
How To Escape The Single Client Trap As A Freelancer
Dive into the art of diversifying your client portfolio, brought to you by Moxie. Have the power to choose from an array of clients, projects, and opportunities.
Michelle Lee
How To Stay Organized as a Freelancer: A Moxie Guide for Go-Getter Freelancers
In the bustling world of freelancing, staying organized isn’t just nice to have — it’s your lifeline to sanity.
Michelle Lee
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