Devonnae Williams and a dream is a wish your heart makes

Little to lose and so much to gain: How to get out of your head, be curious about people, and just do that thing you’re aching to do.
Devonnae Williams and a dream is a wish your heart makes

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“That thing you’re thinking about, you should go do it.”

Devonnae’s encouragement in this week’s episode of the Moxie Podcast felt so timely. We’re just one week into February with so much time ahead of us to do the things that we want to do. And though our dreams aren’t confined to the time we have in a year, it feels like this episode is a great place for a fresh start.

As she shared from her own experience, though, we all know that chasing a dream or a goal isn’t always that easy. It takes time, it takes preparation, and it requires a commitment to stick it out till the end.

That said, taking that initial step is sometimes the best first thing we can do.

If you have a vision or goal that is taking up space in your mind, I’m joining Devonnae in encouraging you to chase it. No matter what that thing might be, now is the best time to pursue it. And, if you need a little extra help finding that first step, here are some ways you can get started.

Take action spontaneously

If you tend to rely on the logical side of your brain, you may overthink yourself out of any big things you want to do. You may end up with countless pages of research, a detailed plan, and absolutely no passion left to execute any of it.

Instead, take a deep breath and do the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your dream.

No, seriously. Do it right now.

It might mean looking up tickets or finding lodging for that trip you’re dying to take. Maybe it’s signing up for a course in coding or interior design. Or perhaps it’s emailing us at to get recommendations for a podcast mic.

Find a solid, actionable way to make progress. Even if it feels crazy or irresponsible, sometimes making an investment of time or money is the best way to get your brain out of your prep phase and into action mode.

Do. And then do again. And again, until you reach your goal.

Make a plan

In the Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo said:

“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

While this is a great way to have an adventure, it’s not ideal for reaching a goal. Too often, getting swept off your feet leads to getting swept under. Without a plan, you can quickly lose control of your journey and its outcome.

Prevent derailment by writing down the steps you need to take. Do some research to understand what you will need and the best ways to achieve your desired outcome. Along with providing guidance, a plan can help you create realistic expectations for your journey. In the moments when passion is cooled by reality, you will know what you need to do to achieve a win and restore your fire.

Just do it

Sometimes, the best way to achieve something is to dive into it headfirst. If you want to start a podcast or YouTube channel, for instance, sit down and record the first episode without worrying about quality. 

You may not want to post the content, but this trial run can show you what you’re lacking, what you want to change, and which parts are easier than you expected. It can also help you understand the time and costs you need to plan for, if you need help, and what this venture might look like in the long term.

Most importantly, it can show you that you are fully capable of making this dream a reality. This extra confidence and assurance may be just what you need to stick to the journey.

Everyone’s experience is different. No matter how perfect the final product might seem, like Devonnae shared, everyone experiences doubt and problems. Rather than playing the comparison game, stay focused on what you’re doing and why.

In time, you’ll be able to look back at this moment with gratitude and satisfaction as the start of your dream.

Get the full story here to hear how Devonnae chased her dream of running a successful YouTube channel, what she’s learned about protecting your mental health, and why you should stop shoulding on yourself.

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Emily Finlay
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