Meet Scott from the Hectic team

Meet Scott, Hectic's head of engineering and co-founder. Learn about Scott's motivation behind creating Hectic, and his life outside of Hectic.
Meet Scott from the Hectic team

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Who is Scott Fultz?

Father of three, husband (of one), musician, avid hiker, devoted yogi, skier, digital immigrant, reader of mostly fiction, and a lifelong learner.

A bit about your background?

I started my professional life as a musician and turned to graphic design and ultimately programming to better support my growing family. After a short stint in the computer department of a local copy shop, I realized that freelancing was going to serve my family in terms of earnings and time management far better than working for “the man”. I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur nearly all of my adult life.

Tell us about a career-high moment?

Going live with our e-commerce platform and then a complementary payment gateway at one of my previous companies were big milestones in my programming and business career. These platforms have been continuously in production for 15+ years and have helped many small businesses achieve and sustain success with their web-based storefronts.  

I’m also proud of the software development work I’ve done in the horse racing handicapping space.

Why are you involved with Hectic?

I was looking for the next challenge and serendipitously connected with Geoff Mina, who I introduced to programming at one of my previous companies. He outgrew us quickly and it’s been really gratifying to now work together again, this time as partners, along with the rest of the talented Hectic founders.

“As we honed the ideas for what Hectic would become, my passion for helping freelancers just starting out, or at any stage of their careers, grew stronger.”

Providing a supporting framework for solo entrepreneurs feels like giving back. I wish I had had what we’re offering when I was starting out!

What’s your hope for freelancers just getting started?

“I hope these brave souls are able to find a work-life/home-life balance, financial peace, satisfaction, and hopefully even pleasure with their work lives.”

I hope they set aside enough of their gross earnings to cover taxes.

What advice do you have for aspiring freelancers?

Set aside enough money to cover income taxes. Are you sensing a recurring theme? Don’t ask me how I know this is important.

What do you do when you’re not doing Hectic?

I like to write and perform music, solo and with various groups. My wife, Jeanette Fultz, and I teach partner yoga workshops for couples, though we both wish we practiced more. An avid hiker and skier, my family and I try to get into the mountains as often as possible.

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Scott Fultz
Scott Fultz
In addition to being a polyglot software and database engineer, Scott is a singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist and yoga teacher. Creating cool stuff to help people prosper and feel happy, whether it’s a yoga flow, a song, or thoughtful and inventive software, has always been his mission. Scott is a husband and father of three humans, which is the most incredible job of all.
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