The Hectic Podcast with Darryl

Get started here with all things in The Hectic podcast in this inaugural episode. Hear Darryl Kelly, Co-Founder of Hectic and host of this podcast.
The Hectic Podcast with Darryl

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Hi and welcome to the Hectic Podcast. In our inaugural episode, I’m excited to introduce you to this thing we call Hectic, exploring what it’s designed to do and how it came to be.

Before we jump into that, I want to tell you a little about me, Darryl Kelly, Co-Founder of Hectic and host of this podcast.

Much of who I am can be summed up by the Latin phrase, “Vincere est pervincere detrimentos.” It means, “Success is to overcome adversity.” As a baby, I skipped crawling and started walking at eight months old. I overcame childhood homelessness, excelling as a student and beginning college at 16. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree, MBA, and MFA, I quickly climbed from a consultant to a C-suite position in my professional career. I’ve also spent a lot of time freelancing, from mowing lawns to working in graphic design as a college student.

For myself and my teams, I’ve refused to recognize barriers. Instead, I’ve used difficult challenges to build strength of character, tenacity, perseverance, and aspirations. Imagining or believing in something is enough to accomplish it, I’ve learned. Perhaps another Latin adage would be fitting: “Ad astra per aspera”: “To the stars through difficulty.”

None of these achievements would’ve happened, however, if I hadn’t first decided to get started. In fact, just getting this episode recorded took weeks longer than I’d planned. First, I wanted to make sure I’d done enough research. Then, I decided to just go for it and learn along the way. Yet, weeks later, I finally had to sit down and make myself do it. So I did. And I did it all in one take.


Because I want you to hear the process. I want you to hear me make mistakes, because there’s a place for mistakes. And that’s part of the vision we have for Hectic. We want to make it a place where you can come as you are. You can come imperfect. 

But more importantly, you also have to start. You have to have the ambition, the dream, the idea. You have to get started to achieve what you’re striving for.

I once read this quote that stuck with me: “It doesn’t matter if everyone believes in you, you have to believe in yourself to succeed.”

That’s what I want this podcast to be about. Me having interviews and interesting conversations with people that have gone through adversity. People that have made the choice to believe in themselves to succeed.

So, where do you start? It starts with being brave enough to just start, to click record, to start building that website. And it’s brave because we often feel like we have to be great to do great things, right? But comparing yourself to this facade can only hurt your momentum.

Hectic podcast will be a place for authenticity. We’ll talk with founders, experts, and the Hectic team to hear and share the reality of doing. At the same time, we’re also working to build an experience that is truly transformative. An experience that really helps people get started and get started on the right path.

This is Hectic.

This idea was born from brainstorming with Co-Founder Geoff Mina. We remembered our early days of entrepreneurship and freelancing, when we struggled to run and grow a business while also handling all of the work we took on. Despite the years that had passed since those early days, we still couldn’t find a solution that tackled these problems.

So we decided to build something that would bring all these pieces together for people who are getting started. Because that’s the American Dream, right? You have a vision to create something great and you start working to make it happen. 

But then so many things get in the way. And then you stop.

With Hectic, we’re filling the gap by bringing all the essential tools to you. We’re also creating a community that can help with the isolation of working for yourself. And when you’re stuck, you’ll have access to trusted experts who can help with taxes, brand building, referrals, and more.

Going into business for yourself, with a craft, with a skill, should be just as easy as going and interviewing with another company. And that’s what we’re going after. We’re changing work by making work accessible to all. Creating a space where you can just get started and feel supported all the way through your journey.

Ready to get started?

And don’t forget to tune into the podcast every Monday for a new episode.

We can’t wait to get started.

Want to learn more about the values that drive Hectic, our super affordable pricing structure, and the team? Hear the full conversation with Darryl here.

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Darryl Kelly
Darryl Kelly
Darryl shares what he's learned as both a freelance photographer and freelance consultant. His experience as a freelancer is what led him to co-found Hectic.
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