What’s the best platform for freelancing?

Are you thinking about becoming a freelancer? You'll need to know the best freelancing platform to find work through. Find out more here.
What’s the best platform for freelancing?

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Supply and demand. It's what makes the business world go round.

In the last several years, small and large-scale businesses alike are recognizing the many benefits of hiring freelance workers.

This is probably why as of 2020, there were nearly 65 million freelancers in the United States. A figure that's rising every day and set to hit over 90 million by 2028. 

Are you new to the world of freelance work or a full-time freelancer looking to expand their clientele? Knowing the best freelancing platforms is the key to generating more work and achieving financial freedom.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to discover the best platform for freelancers so you can start landing more jobs and realize your full potential. 


If you enjoy the security of consistent income with the flexibility of a freelancer's work schedule, Upwork is the best freelancing platform for you.

Upwork matches companies and freelancers based on need, skills, and budget. Companies as large as Microsoft and Airbnb have used this freelancing platform to find eligible candidates. 

Most of the jobs listed on Upwork are large, specialized, or complex projects. The best part about this is that once you establish the initial connection with a client, it can lead to a long-term arrangement spanning months or even years.

One-time jobs are also available for freelancers who prefer to limit their interactions and keep an open, flexible schedule.

Freelancers with a variety of skillsets can use Upwork for everything from web and software development to creative writing, marketing, customer service, sales, and more. 

The only caveat is that Upwork charges a sliding fee based on your lifetime earnings with a particular client. You can learn more about their fee structure here


Another popular freelancing platform among both beginners and more experienced workers is Fiverr.

Unlike Upwork where both freelancers and clients have the ability to reach out and strike up a conversation, Fiverr puts that ball in the employers' court, so to speak.

As a freelancer, it's your job to showcase your portfolio, expertise, and special skills. Your profile lets potential hires know your background, work experience, and why you're the perfect fit for the job. Think of your listing on Fiverr as a glorified resume.

Fiverr even offers free learning courses to freelancers just starting out. 

Sellers (or freelancers like yourself) advertise "gigs" or projects with a set price attached. Buyers (companies looking to hire a freelancer like you) can purchase a "gig" from you if it fits a particular need.

The best part about Fiverr is that freelancers are paid upfront for the work. Similar to Upwork Fiverr keeps a percentage of your earnings (20%) so keep that in mind when pricing your gigs.


This is one of the largest freelance marketplaces on the Internet with over 30 million registered users. Some of Freelancer.com's biggest clients are small business owners looking for quality work that's affordable.

That's where you come in!

From website development and content creation to marketing and graphic design, companies as large as Intel have used this freelancing platform to find great talent.

It's also one of the easier freelancing platforms to use. Companies looking for freelancers register with Freelancer.com and then post the jobs they need to be filled. Next, freelancers bid on these jobs -- sometimes, within minutes of posting!

As a freelancer, it's your job to act fast and remain diligent with checking the platform for new listings. You can upload examples of your work and securely communicate with hirers using the site's live chat feature.


Have you been in the freelancing game for a while? Are you confident that your work is well above average? If so, Toptal is the best freelancing platform for you.

The name says it all. Toptal is a marketplace for the top 3% of freelancers. And competition is fierce.

Toptal is a global marketplace, which means you're up against other talented freelancers from around the world. Toptal guarantees clients (companies looking to hire freelancers) they'll have access to the top 3% of global freelancers.

Large companies including Hewlett-Packard and Motorola have used Toptal to find hidden talent. 

Toptal puts freelancers through a rigorous screening process that tests everything from your language skills to your personality and everything in between. Prospects must also complete a live screening exercise. 

While this might sound intimidating, just remember, the higher the bar, the more lucrative the reward. 

People Per Hour

When it comes to versatility, People Per Hour tops the list of best platforms for freelancing. People Per Hour offers a wide range of categories that freelancers fall into from translators and ghostwriters to social media consultants and 3D printing experts. 

Like Toptal, People Per Hour is an international platform, pairing clients and workers from all walks of life and skill levels. This freelancing platform currently has over 2.4 million freelancers and 1 million businesses registered. 

To ensure quality and consistency, People Per Hour routinely reviews and rates freelancers based on their completed jobs. The website's project writing tool helps hirers pinpoint exactly what they need, resulting in more suitable matches.


Aquent's entire platform structure is based on creating a match made in heaven between freelancers and the hiring company. All too often freelancers miss out on an opportunity because they're not advertising their skills properly.

Your portfolio is tagged with certain skills and keywords like, "web design", "content writing", and "SEO". These tags are what help hiring companies find you. If your portfolio isn't tagged correctly, the ideal hirer might accidentally overlook you. 

Aquent's Book product matching team auto-tags user portfolios with nearly 25 million object and image labels. These auto-tags generate better matches based on rates, skills, location, and availability. 

Find the Right Freelancing Platform and Discover Your Potential

This is your year! It's time to embrace your creativity and take control of your destiny with a career in freelancing.

Whether you're a skilled writer, website professional, or graphic designer, there's work to be found on these freelancing platforms and others. It's all about tapping into your hidden potential, advertising yourself, and finding a company that needs exactly what you're selling.

Want help creating a work-life-balance or need more answers to those burning freelance questions? Be sure to check our blog regularly for fresh, trending content. 

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