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Being on a podcast can be an incredible kickstart or boost to your career, but...hearing your own voice played back to you for the first time can trigger your self-consciousness or just feel cringy. No one hates the sound of your voice the way that you probably do.

Your first podcast appearance doesn’t have to be a trial run. Make it something you're proud of with these tips for before, during, and after the show.

Before the show

You are here for a reason. One of our podcast guests, Sarah Robb, told us a story about an old intern supervisor who pulled her aside and reminded her simply, “You belong here.” You have a skill and you’re good. Set your mind on that truth and don’t forget it.

Do your favorite routine

That playlist you love. Your favorite kicks. The earrings that make you feel like a million dollars. The half-caf oat milk treat that you only get yourself on special occasions. Before you’re even on the show, do what you do that makes you feel good.


Google the host (Darryl Kelly) and find some commonality (hold on to that, we’ll come back to it for your “during show” toolkit). Instagram is a great resource. You like the same latte? You hate the same football team? You both have an appreciation for plants? Something you love that they also love is key. Can’t find anything, keep looking. Still can’t find anything? Don’t stress. Just appreciate that you can learn a lot from each other.

As you’ll be appearing on The Hectic Podcast it’d be great to have some familiarity with the platform. Please see our product features under “What’s inside” on

Prepare, but don’t over-prepare

You are in charge of how you represent yourself and your brand. Promoting a new product? Taking a stand on a social justice issue? Write it down somewhere you can see during the podcast (we’re coming back to that too). But don’t practice. Your first take is your best take.

Get paid

Create contract for the podcast to pay you. This is valuable time and you are giving valuable expertise and that isn’t free. Say it with me. Never. Work. For. Free.

During show


It is going to feel weird. But it is going to make you sound engaged. (Unless you’re talking about something tragic, then skip this tip and go to the next one.)

Post a photo of someone in your line of sight with your mic (this can be the host of the show or just someone you are comfortable with). This is to help you remember that you’re in a conversation with someone, not doing an infomercial.

Bring up that thing you studied. It’s important to say SOMETHING because the first words are the hardest. Let those first words be the things you prepared to talk with the host about, even if they aren’t recorded. Now that you’ve done it, the rest of this thing will be a breeze.

Take a breath. Answering questions is not a race. Listen to what the host is asking. Take a breath and then answer when you’re ready. They can easily edit out dead space. They can’t edit out an answer you gave before you were ready.

Don’t forget your focus. No matter how nervous you are, you’re still in charge of how you want yourself and your brand to be seen. Ask to say “one more thing” if it doesn’t come up naturally. This is your thing! It’s important to you.

After the show

Promote your episode! Tag your host (@darrylkelly_), the podcast (@the_hectic_podcast), or Hectic (@hectic_app) (or all three). Write about your experience. Let people know you did something awesome and they don’t want to miss it because you said something that mattered.

Follow up. Send an invoice for your time to or invoice us through Hectic! Remember, your first client is always free with Hectic. How to invoice us through Hectic. Please submit your invoice within one week of submitting your blog.

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BOOM. You’re a podcasting veteran now. Get it on your LinkedIn and do it all over again.

Be sure to keep in touch with us and let us know if you have any questions. Thank you again for being a guest on The Hectic Podcast.

Thank you & welcome to Hectic!