"Absolutely I do"


with Yann Ilunga

"Absolutely I do"
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If you’re willing to try something new and listen to the wisdom others offer, you can do anything. Yann Ilunga, our guest this week, has used this philosophy to do incredible things, particularly in the podcasting space. He’s interviewed renowned guests, organized global conferences, and seen extraordinary success - all while enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with running his own business.

Yann took us through his freelance journey, sharing how he found his strengths and the steps he took to keep growing and learning. Fresh from his first work-free vacation, he gave us some great tips for making sure you can unplug and refresh on your breaks. Having conversations with people is the best way to learn, so we’re excited to have had this opportunity to hear everything Yann has to share!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why vacationing is often so hard for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  2. The important lessons Yann learned before, during, and after his time away.
  3. His journey from working as a journalist to making a name for himself in podcasting and lead generation.
  4. That freedom isn’t sipping cocktails on the beach but following a schedule that produces his best work.
  5. About the three Ts and how to use them to find your strengths.
  6. To listen to and be curious about people, using their insights and connections to succeed in your pursuits.
  7. How Yann’s podcasts started as a way to build connections and grew into the work he does today.
  8. That differences in age and experience won’t matter if you see those you’re curious about as just people.
  9. To look at unpopular or emerging spaces as opportunities to experiment and establish yourself in them before anyone else.
  10. How you can take elements from one space and use them to pioneer a new market in another.

Find Yann through LinkedIn to grow your professional network as you learn more from him. Just be sure to mention that you heard him on the Hectic Podcast when you reach out!

Dee Dee Bridgewater is the jazz artist that Yann mentions in the episode.

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