"Absorb and squeeze"


with Madeleine Dore

"Absorb and squeeze"
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Are you dissatisfied with your life or the season you’re in? Do you wish you could just pinpoint the reason you’re stuck so you can change it? If so, this is the episode for you.

This week, we were joined by Madeline Dore, the author of one of our favorite books, “I Didn’t Do the Thing Today.” During our conversation, we explored the ways routines can take over our lives and how ruts can show us what we need to change. Madeline shared how curiosity can be our greatest weapon. We also got a great reminder that resting for rest’s sake is just as important as the things we do.

This conversation was filled with warmth and laughter from the moment we met. Madeline has so much to share from what she’s learned and how she’s living it out. After listening, don’t forget to check out the link to the book below so you can keep finding your own way of being in the world!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. About our weekly ruts and routines and what we’re learning from them.
  2. How to get curious about your ruts and routines so you can see the value in both.
  3. Why routines often lead to feelings of failure rather than the control they’re supposed to create.
  4. How to find your own way of being when it’s not supported by the world around you.
  5. Plus, how trying to be the person you want to be can become its own illusion of perfection.
  6. The importance of being a sponge and embracing the sweetness of doing nothing.
  7. Why we need these periods of absorption to have seasons of squeeze.
  8. Tips for letting go of the guilt that comes with rest and appreciating downtime as an opportunity to absorb.
  9. That comparison can be the flipside to curiosity, using what you learn from others to deplete you rather than feed you.
  10. Why Madeline wants to inspire people to be more curious about each other, ourselves, and our stories.

Find Madeline on Instagram and on her website, where you’ll also find her book, “I Didn’t Do the Thing Today.”

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