Better together


with Elle Mitchell and Arabela Espinoza

Better together
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Whether they’re creating stunning product pics, hosting their podcast, or scheming to make new friends, Arabela and Elle of Weekend Creative are all about having fun. On their podcast Per Our Last Email, Arabela and Elle share crazy stories about freelancing, all while unwinding with a delicious cocktail. If you’ve done any freelance work, it’s a podcast that will leave you rolling and saying, “I thought it was just me!”

They joined as my guests this week to talk about their uniquely cohesive partnership and how they’ve used it to build a powerful freelance business. Give this episode a listen to hear how you can do the same.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How their different approaches to productivity complement each other, even when they might occasionally annoy the other person.
  2. The ways they each manage boundaries and prevent burnout.
  3. How Arabela and Elle met and started a business together, plus how they keep it working.
  4. Tips for finding and creating a successful freelance business partnership.
  5. Weekend Creative’s backstory, from names to first gigs.
  6. Why you should never let clients dictate schedules, prices, and other project details.
  7. The reasons there is no such thing as a [insert type of work] emergency.
  8. Per Our Last Email’s backstory, from coffee shop conversations to their favorite guests.
  9. Why sliding into DMs for business purposes is a big no-no.
  10. All about Arabela and Elle’s secret weapon.
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