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Being a holistic aesthetician and makeup artist that specializes in clean beauty was never my guest’s plan. It wasn’t (and still isn’t) even her passion. But it is the path that built the incredible career and life that Beth Walker loves. Today, you’ll hear how she got here and what she does to keep moving onward and upward.

And did I mention that Beth is Irish? Don’t miss out on this chance to hear her journey and wisdom in the most soothing accent you’ll ever encounter.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. What having a healthy detachment to your work looks like and how it can help.
  2. Why Beth’s line of work is a bit of a family business.
  3. How she went from anxiety about every next gig to going with the flow with confidence.
  4. Why spending money to make money is the best way to attract the clients and jobs that will advance your career.
  5. The recent investment that has boosted her work (and how you can get in touch with the small business that helped).
  6. How Beth went from handing deposits back at the start of the pandemic to growing her business less than a year later.
  7. Her love of clean beauty and how she integrates it with health and makeup.
  8. The trick to building rapport with clients and collaborators, plus how it can lead to more work.
  9. Why clients aren’t the only ones you should be meeting with for a cup of coffee.
  10. And what unique hobby Beth hopes to explore more in the future.

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