Cereal and humanity


with Thomas Hicks

Cereal and humanity
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We recommend pouring a bowl of your favorite cereal before listening to this week’s chat with leading cereal influencer (yes, you read that right), Cereal Snob’s Thomas Hicks. Along with giving us a peek at the world of cereal reviews, Thomas shares what he’s learned from this work and how he’s using this experience to overhaul his brand. 

We also touch on authenticity and human connection, exploring how we can be better people and better creators through genuine curiosity about the people we meet.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What it means to be one of the world’s leading cereal influencers.
  2. How Thomas went from noticing a new flavor of Cap’n Crunch to being a leader in this space.
  3. About his petition to bring back Rice Krispy Treats cereal and why you should sign it.
  4. Why he recently unlisted nearly 200 of his YouTube videos and how it plays into his current rebrand.
  5. The ways Thomas is using strategic experience, data, and knowledge to differentiate himself from other reviewers.
  6. What he loves about creating content.
  7. How perfectionism can strangle creativity, plus how he’s fighting it in his own work.
  8. Why authenticity is essential to everything that we do in life.
  9. How connecting as people and pushing past labels makes the world a better place.
  10. Thomas’ number one key to success.

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