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with Michelle Lee

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Believe it or not, we are officially halfway through Season 3 — and what a season it’s been! I’ve been thinking a lot about the conversations I’ve had this season, so I wanted to bring Michelle on to talk about some of my thoughts and get her insights on the things we’ve learned over the past few episodes.

For those who have listened to Lindsey Jo Scott’s episode (and if you haven’t, give episode 308 a listen after this!), you might remember our discussion about finding your perfect place in the things you do. We dived deep into this topic, exploring what that means for us, how Michelle became so comfortable with it, and how it has changed my relationship with myself.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Michelle’s Hectic origin story, including why she didn’t want to take the job initially and what changed her mind.
  2. How she has helped me love myself more by showing me that accepting my weaknesses only amplifies my strengths.
  3. The opportunities freelancing offers for people who want to bring their strengths to a team that is strong where they are weak.
  4. About the summer camp job that helped Michelle understand her strengths and learn how to use them to build something powerful with the strengths of others.
  5. Why sharing your strengths and weaknesses honestly is the first step to putting this way of working into action.
  6. The ways leaning into your strengths makes you more productive and even better at what you do.
  7. How embracing a collective way of working helps you appreciate what others do more, creating a team that is confident in its ability to do great things.
  8. To talk to yourself kindly so you can extend that same graciousness to others.
  9. What I love about Michelle’s gift for seeing other’s strengths and building them up in these traits.
  10. That being more kind than necessary and working with each other can create a much more beautiful piece of music than we ever could alone.

The book Michelle talks about is The Delicate Art of Dancing with Porcupines by Bob Phillips
Michelle can't remember the article about leaning into your strengths, but this is a great one on the same topic.

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