Complexity conscious


with Rodney Evans

Complexity conscious
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What’s wrong with work today? Since you listen to this podcast, you’re probably dissatisfied with the normal 9-to-5, but do you know why? My guest this week, Rodney Evans, is here to tell you. Through years of personal development and her work as an organizational designer, Rodney has learned the many reasons that work doesn’t work, in both our personal and professional lives.

Join us to learn about the outdated systems that are at the root of these problems, plus a peek at the ways Rodney is helping organizations reclaim a healthy workspace. You’ll also hear how she has shaped her identity completely outside of what she does and the journey she took to get there.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. About her podcast (The Brave New Work podcast) and why it’s important to share the valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences she holds.
  2. What it means to help organizations become more people positive and complexity conscious.
  3. Why the way we work doesn’t fit our knowledge-based world.
  4. The many ways we lose who we are when we force ourselves to adapt to the roles our work demands.
  5. How she came to understand and heal this problem in herself.
  6. Tips for learning how to articulate your needs and experiment with solutions to bring about change.
  7. What is so wrong with the current concept of “servant leadership.”
  8. Why we need to pursue an ecosystem that is open to all options, rather than using a binary system that limits options to either/ors.
  9. The importance of focusing on how you contribute best and what energizes you, rather than trying to do everything.
  10. How to stop serving your ego so you can better understand your value and stop relying on work for validation.

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