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with Amber Malone

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Few things are as awe-inspiringly beautiful as someone who uses the hardships they’ve endured to help others. In this week’s episode, you’ll get to meet Amber Malone, a person who fully personifies this beauty. As she takes us through her journey, you’ll hear how she’s been affected by the stigma of mental health, how she’s healing from it, and why she is committed to helping others through her experiences.

This episode shows why these conversations are so important and why this podcast exists in the first place. It’s such a privilege to hear and share Amber’s story, helping her process and heal through it. In doing so, we hope we can inspire others to honor every part of themselves and see each other more fully.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How approaching each day with intention helps Amber be more compassionate towards herself. (Hint: It’s all about ease and flow.)
  2. That everyone’s 24 hours looks different, so you should be mindful of what you’re asking of yourself and others.
  3. About Amber’s gift of intuition, how it shaped her early life, and how she uses it to help her clients.
  4. Why she is so passionate about helping others end the stigma of mental health and free themselves of toxic shame.
  5. The ways sharing your story can help you process and heal from the experiences that hold power over you.
  6. Plus, how doing so publicly through blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media may save someone’s life.
  7. Better language around mental health and why it matters.
  8. Why you should always be open to failing excellently in life and business.
  9. That the internet is a tool of abundance, full of free knowledge that you can use to do anything you want to do.
  10. How to access the special gift Amber created for our listeners!

Find Amber on her website, Instagram, and Twitter. Don't miss her podcast The Motivation Medium.

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