Every brain is beautiful


with Lindsey Jo Scott

Every brain is beautiful
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My guest this week loves to use stories to show new ways of being in the world. Whether she’s making illustrations, writing, building content strategies, or using any of the other creative outlets forms she thrives in, Lindsey Jo Scott’s neurodivergent brain offers a unique perspective on the world and all that life has to teach. 

I was so excited to connect with Lindsey about our shared experiences with ADHD and our journeys to recognizing it as a superpower, not a shameful label. Through these experiences, we learned to embrace ourselves and find what fuels our inner fires. After listening to this episode, I hope you will find the inspiration, encouragement, or support you need to do the same.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. All of the ways Lindsey pursues creativity through her work, way of seeing the world, and future plans.
  2. How practicing mindfulness to find her truer sense of being helps her get in touch with her creativity.
  3. Why cultural stigmas of shame, guilt, and fear can keep us from living a full and fulfilled life.
  4. About my experience with ADHD and how I have learned to embrace all of the ways it makes me powerful. 
  5. Plus, how sharing our journeys makes it easier for others to find a sense of belonging.
  6. The reasons everyone benefits when we can build teams that allow everyone to do what they do best.
  7. How asking for help was the first brave step toward Lindsey understanding and loving herself, which allowed her to feel more comfortable in her story.
  8. What it means to focus on internal success over external markers.
  9. Why internal success is the only way to do the things you want to do while still enjoying the process.
  10. Tips for processing the emotions this episode may have stirred up.

In the episode, the book Darryl talks about is ADHD is your superpower. The TEDTalk Lindsey Jo talks about is The danger of a single story.Find Lindsey Jo on her website and Instagram.

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