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This week, we’re so excited to bring you the most important episode of the podcast so far. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Olivia, Darryl’s daughter and the Hectic Podcast’s biggest fan!

Though Olivia is just 11 years old, she has so much wisdom to share. We talked about her love for the podcast, her favorite guest so far, and what she has learned from it. Olivia showed us how her creativity and ADHD superpower work together, plus why she loves having ADHD. You’ll also get a chance to hear Olivia, Darryl, and Michelle answer everyone’s favorite question on the Hectic Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What Olivia loves about listening to the podcast.
  2. Why Lindsey Jo Scott is the guest she related to the most and why that matters.
  3. The ways her ADHD helps her hyperfocus on the things she wants to do, such as organizing her closet, bathroom, and room.
  4. About Olivia’s doodles and how they help her learn.
  5. How she nurtures her creativity today and hopes to continue doing so throughout her life.
  6. Why she wants the adults of the world to always take time for themselves.
  7. That Michelle is a superfan in every area of life and is eager to learn and celebrate everyone’s passions.
  8. How Darryl’s desire to give all of himself to everyone and be the most curious person in the room defines him.
  9. That Olivia is silly, loves to organize, and is absolutely obsessed with dogs.
  10. Why seeing her ADHD differently is what she is most proud of.

Listen to Lindsey Jo Scott's episode and find her amazing work online.

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