with Pariss 'Athena' Chandler

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My guest this week loves helping others and building a space for the black tech community, but she is ultimately working toward her own freedom. The freedom of financial stability, of focusing on the things she’s passionate about, of just chilling out and living life.

Pariss Athena, founder and CEO of Black Tech Pipeline, joins me to share real truths about her journey to this point and her hopes for the future. From her experiences as a black woman in tech to what drives her every day, we explore all of the great insights she has to offer for others on a similar path. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How Pariss’ drive for freedom is a direct response to hustle culture and a reflection of what she values.
  2. What went into building Black Tech Pipeline, from starting the business to deciding what she wanted to create.
  3. Some of the hardest things she experienced while doing it.
  4. Why she thinks being transparent about the messy middle of entrepreneurship is so important.
  5. About her experiences as a black woman in tech and how they shaped her journey.
  6. How Pariss changed her perspective about life’s difficulties and used these struggles to keep pushing forward.
  7. The realities of balancing work with life as a mom and fiancé.
  8. Her take on Kim K’s recent quote about working hard.
  9. The better advice she has for women who are pursuing a dream.
  10. In a bit of table turning, what I love about my job and which parts of work I like the least.

Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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