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My guest today is Nicole Swartz, cryptocurrency guru turned skincare purveyor turned trademark law pro. She uses her personal experience with copyright troubles to help other small businesses guard their brands and avoid similar woes. Join us today to learn how you can protect your own work and business.

Early in her career, Nicole went from having products in the Golden Globes gift bags to receiving a cease and desist letter that stopped her brand in its tracks. Today, she has turned that obstacle into an opportunity to help other creators and entrepreneurs thrive where she initially failed.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Nicole went from working as a corporate lawyer to selling homemade skincare products that ended up in the hands of celebrities.
  2. Why her incredible success turned into a passion-killing nightmare.
  3. The reasons she started Sprout Law, a business that focuses on trademark and copyright law for entrepreneurs just like you.
  4. What four things every business owner should consider when starting a brand.
  5. Why a statistic about clients who don’t pay blew my mind.
  6. Plus the ways you can protect yourself from these bad players.
  7. Tips on creating recurring, passive revenue streams.
  8. How and why she niched down to primarily focus on women-owned businesses.
  9. And how you can sharpen your own audience for greater success.
  10. Why you should direct difficult clients to a rude assistant...who doesn’t actually exist.

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