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Tune in this week for a special conversation between our very own Michelle Lee and returning guest, Dr. Sarah Moon. As two Asian American women, they discussed how they’ve been dealing with the increases in Asian hate crimes over the past few years. They explored how Michelle is equipping her young daughters to know and love who they are, in ways she didn’t have herself. You’ll also get to hear why you should strive for inefficiency to spend more time focusing on the things you value and love.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. Why the important, meaningful, purposeful things in life require inefficiency.
  2. The ways a focus on achievement affects our lives, health, and self-worth.
  3. How letting go of your idea of a routine can help you reclaim your time and enjoy the moments you’re in.
  4. That you should acknowledge the work and thought that you invest in the lead-up to your accomplishments, not just the success itself.
  5. How to reevaluate the demands of your job to give yourself the space you need to thrive.
  6. About the fear, anxiety, and complex feelings both women have dealt with because of anti-Asian violence.
  7. Michelle’s experience with equipping and preparing her daughters for the situations they may face.
  8. What their six-year-old selves would be proud of in their current selves.
  9. Why it’s also important for Dr. Moon to remind herself that she’s not that six-year-old self anymore.
  10. Ways to hold and honor the ways people might fail you without saying that what they did was okay.

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