Just data


with David Peterson

Just data
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All good tattoos start with a story. The same can be said for brands. For David Peterson, my guest this week, this idea was the inspiration behind his company, Tat2 Marketing Group. Together with his business partner Tammy and their crew, they help companies learn how to promote and share their stories.

During our conversation, David shares his love of analytics and data. As the “left brain” of his partnership, he uses his passion for understanding why things work to get big results for his clients. He also offers tips to help you do the same, no matter your field of work.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The cool entrepreneurial story behind Tat2 Marketing Group.
  2. How asking clients “Why?” helps him find the best angle for marketing that sees results.
  3. Why using and following the data is a critical, but often overlooked, part of marketing.
  4. Plus, how freelancers in any field can use this advice to improve their work.
  5. Why discovering what he sucked at helped David get into the work he does now.
  6. What we get wrong about the things that do or don’t make a person creative.
  7. Why building partnerships with people who are strong in your weaknesses can help you grow in business.
  8. How owning who you are can lead to wild success.
  9. And what we can learn about authenticity from kids.
  10. Tips for knowing when you need to structure your business better to empower growth.

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