with Dominic Lawson

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With nearly 300 episodes under his belt on his podcast The Startup Life, Dominic Lawson has created a legacy that empowers entrepreneurs around the globe. As my guest this week, he tells us how to unleash your inner greatness and create something that will impact the world for the better.

His guests have included the best global business minds, including Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph. But before you start comparing your journey to his, listen to his hard-fought journey to success. Dominic will also share tips for starting a thriving podcast on a budget, growing in your craft, and putting skin in the game for the best results.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  1. How you can make a lasting impact, no matter your backstory.
  2. The trick to moving from the sidelines and ignoring the haters that try to limit your potential.
  3. Why Dominic’s wife is the great woman behind his entrepreneurship and success.
  4. The difference between playing at business and becoming a legitimate player in your field.
  5. Top tips for getting big names involved in your content, even when the initial deal falls through.
  6. Why doing the work is the only way you can grow your business, craft, and impact.
  7. Steps for building a successful podcast, including how to use the smartphone you’re holding now to get started.
  8. About the dangers of focusing on download numbers, overvaluing equipment, and only using social media to promote your content.
  9. Why Kobe Bryant continues to inspire Dominic and pushes him to experiment with his podcast.
  10. How to demand your value as a freelancer and stand up for your work.

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