with Dano Qualls

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Air Force intelligence officer. Certified Sommelier. Design consultant, multi-business co-founder, former freelancer. Today’s guest, Dano Qualls, is all of these and more. Join us as we discuss what has driven him to pursue these ventures and how his unique perspective produces incredible solutions, particularly for freelancers who use

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  1. A taste of Dano’s unbelievable background and how it led him to
  2. How a pandemic-driven solo camping trip helped Dano understand the drive behind his work.
  3. The specific problem that freelancers face and how he has worked to solve that problem through
  4. His love for immersing himself in cultures, experiences, and research to understand different perspectives.
  5. The best way to create a tool that solves your users’ problems.
  6. Who is responsible for the stunning visuals on
  7. The one freelancer story he just can’t forget.
  8. How to determine the value of an hour of your time - and why it matters.
  9. Where to find the best tacos and mole in Denver.
  10. The exact formula for Dano’s daily moods

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