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Benvenuto a Hectic Podcast! This week we welcome Felice Della Gatta, an Italian globetrotter and self-taught designer who joins us as Hectic’s Head of Brand and Creative Director. From his start as a high school dropout to his current status as a global, high-demand designer, learn how Felice built his freelancing career through both successes and failures. We’ll also explore the importance of compromises and how he inspired Hectic’s commitment to daily gratitude.

As someone who works from whichever country he chooses to visit at that moment, Head of Brand and Creative Director Felice Della Gatta lives the freelancer dream. Listen this week as we learn how he balances travel and work without breaking his professional commitments. You’ll hear why Felice always bites off more than he can chew — and why you should do the same.

Oh, and if you love the stunning hummingbird that graces the Hectic brand as much as we do, you won’t want to miss his part in designing this image and the Hectic name.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Felice went from being unemployable, without experience or a CV, to growing a thriving freelance design business.
  2. The qualities he looks for when choosing a new client and project.
  3. About working for free and why it was a bad career choice.
  4. His love of travel and how it was inspired by his father’s love of reading.
  5. The trick to enjoying travel while managing your commitments to life and work.
  6. Why he continually bites off more than he can chew and how it defines his growth as a freelancer.
  7. How Felice and the team chose the hummingbird image used in Hectic’s branding.
  8. His unique approach to traveling and how it enriches his experiences.
  9. The importance of recognizing team involvement, not just your own accomplishments, in the work you do.
  10. Why daily gratitude is important to him and how it became a driving principle for the Hectic brand.

Felice on LinkedIn
Felice on Dribble
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