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with Jesse Iwuji

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When Jesse Iwuji has a dream, he already knows it’s guaranteed for the future - he just has to get there. Two-deployment Navy veteran, multiple-business-owner, and rising NASCAR driver, he has so much to share about determination and success. Join me this week to hear his advice and journey.

As impressive as his story is, Jesse is already working toward the next big thing. From reaching the top level of NASCAR racing to joining Hollywood’s elite, he is a man with a plan. Our conversation explores his motivations and unique mindset, giving you a glimpse of the person behind the brand he’s built.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How his parents used a foundation of personal responsibility to empower their kids to do great things.
  2. The secret to building a circle of influence that propels you to the dream you’re pursuing.
  3. Why believing that your vision is already accomplished in the future is key to achieving your goals.
  4. How to tell when you’ve outgrown your circle of influence and the best ways to move on without destroying relationships.
  5. Why staying humble and teachable can lead you to the knowledge and mentors you need to move ahead.
  6. What it means to be First, Only Different and how it has affected Jesse’s career.
  7. About the ways setbacks prepare you for success and set the stage for amazing comebacks.
  8. Why you should always be prepared for the next bout of adversity in your journey.
  9. The reasons Jesse doesn’t talk much about his many businesses and what other business owners can learn from it.
  10. Why problem solving is your first and only job as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

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