On mission


with Eda Rosa

On mission
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My guest this week is not a fan of labels. She is working to change the legal industry and that is the most important thing to know. Join me and Eda Rosa as she shares how she is pursuing and accomplishing this goal. With hard work, a good support system, and the right perspective, she is fighting for justice and a healthier way of practicing law.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. That Eda doesn’t do it all by herself, instead staying to true to herself by asking for help when she needs it.
  2. What changing the legal industry from the inside out looks like for her brand.
  3. The reasons she left her six-figure legal job to try something new.
  4. And how she has built a thriving business in the few years since that decision.
  5. How her incredible childhood and parental role models nurtured a love of change and determination to live without fear.
  6. Eda’s journey to mental strength, healing, and getting what she needed to build her brand.
  7. About negative bias and how it makes you your biggest obstacle.
  8. What you can do to fight a negative perspective in your life and business.
  9. Why the power of numbers only matters for the numbers you create, especially as a Hispanic woman and entrepreneur.
  10. What kind of tools for success you can find in Eda’s book.

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