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with Emma Bush

Own your style
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Whether she’s dying paper with beets and avocado skins or helping a client communicate through beautiful graphic design work, freelance graphic designer Emma Bush is always ready to try something new. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss her commitment to teachability in both work and play. We’ll also discover the dangers of comparison as a designer, how she deals with creative blocks, and the best ways to determine your design style and brand.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  1. What Emma loves about all things Disney.
  2. About the teacher who became her Mushu and how he led her to pursue graphic design.
  3. Her brand’s evolution from her college days to now.
  4. The trick to defining your own brand style.
  5. Why warmth, natural beauty, and community define her design work.
  6. How an attitude of teachability can encourage growth as a freelancer, creative, and person.
  7. How to dye Dwight Schrute’s favorite color of paper.
  8. The greatest threats to creativity…
  9. ...and how trying something new can help.
  10. Why you should surround yourself with a community of creative people of all types.

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