with Samuel Hilbert and Alex Oh

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Whether you are a sommelier or have just watched that one episode of Parks & Rec too many times, you’ll find a new winery to love in Aluel. Partners in both life and business, Alex Oh and Samuel Hilbert started this wine tasting room together and have seen it through many highs and lows, including COVID. Listen this week to hear how they met, what they’ve learned along the way, and why wine is so important to their story.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Alex and Samuel used foreign cuisine and languages to make up for a lack of traveling during the pandemic.
  2. The role wine has played in their relationship from the very first date.
  3. Why communication has been a key focus of their personal and business relationships.
  4. Their journey from working successful jobs individually to also opening a business together.
  5. The ways they balance each other out, from time management to the level of structure in their lives and work.
  6. Why celebrating the small milestones is just as important as achieving the big dream.
  7. How Alex and Samuel are working to make wine approachable and fun for everyone who comes through the door.
  8. Tips for building a partnership or team that benefits everyone involved.
  9. Their COVID experience and how it encouraged a level of fearlessness that empowers positive change.
  10. Which Aluel wines you should try and how you can order a few bottles for yourself.

Show Notes:
Aleul Cellars
Tasting Room

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