with Ryan Swanger

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My guest this week is driven by passion - but not in the way you might think. A senior executive and lifestyle influencer, Ryan Swanger uses his personal passions and positivity to bring purpose to everything he does and everyone he works with. Today, you’ll learn how you can do the same.

From learning how to stand out among your competitors to making every minute you work count, you will fill a notebook with the advice Ryan offers in this jam-packed conversation. If you’re ready to better yourself, work, and worldview, you don’t want to miss this.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why you can do your best work and find the right opportunities when you’re leaning into discomfort.
  2. How giving into negativity bias limits your potential for leadership, success, and happiness.
  3. About bringing your passions into  your work to build connections and inspire engagement.
  4. Ryan’s SEAL-based leadership approach and how it’s helped shape his career.
  5. How you can take the lead in your work, even within client-led projects.
  6. What brevity, a personal point of view, Game of Thrones, and MadLibs have to do with refining your professional communication.
  7. Why believing in his own limitless potential has driven him to do great things.
  8. The difference between hours worked and hard work.
  9. Why you should always try to find and fix the no in business.
  10. How Ryan’s passion for sneakers ties into it all.

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