Phase zero


with Alexander Diner

Phase zero
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When this week’s guest is talking about the projects he’s accomplished, you’ll never hear “I.” Alexander Diner, brand designer and founder of Shapemaker, is a true team player, giving credit to everyone involved in his impressive projects. This humility, plus his dedication to positivity and gratitude, makes every interaction an absolute joy.

We connected this week to talk about life and work, the realities of having bad days and the passion that keeps him going. Alexander’s been a key part of some of my favorite projects and I can’t wait for you to hear why.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  1. About Alexander’s personal struggles to bring peace and productivity to his life and work.
  2. What he loves about chaotic projects and the challenges they present.
  3. His love for passionate collaboration and the thrill of collective work.
  4. The reasons you should always be a strong advocate for your ideas, projects, and decisions.
  5. Why the discovery process is “Phase Zero,” the most important part of every project.
  6. ...and why it’s critical to get your clients on board with extensive research efforts.
  7. About “prayerful thought” and why it’s an essential part of Alexander’s daily routine.
  8. How gratitude goes hand-in-hand with confidence when a client puts their company in his hands.
  9. Ways you can use day-to-day conversations to get clients involved in the work you’re doing for them.
  10. Why Alexander really effing loves his job.

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