Positive reflections


with Emily Finlay

Positive reflections
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We’re giving you a peek behind the curtain as we wrap season three of The Hectic Podcast. This week’s guest is, well, me! You’ve been reading my words since the beginning, but I’m leaving the keyboard to sit in front of the microphone for our season finale.

My name is Emily Finlay and I’m the creator behind the podcast’s written content. I joined Darryl and Michelle to share a bit about myself and the work I get to do with the Hectic team. We had a blast discussing what we’ve learned from our many guests and what we’re looking forward to in season four. You’ll also hear how the podcast has evolved over the past few seasons as we discovered which stories we wanted to tell.

I’m so excited to share my experience with the podcast and I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording. Thanks for another amazing season! See you in season four!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What I hope every listener gets from the podcast’s written content, particularly the weekly companion blog.
  2. Why Hectic is my perfect client and how I discovered what I wanted from my business partnerships.
  3. About this season’s common thread of knowing yourself and leaning into your strengths.
  4. That self-work can and should be a normal part of every day, plus tips for approaching it in a healthy way.
  5. How starting counseling just before this season began has affected me and the way I approach the podcast’s weekly blogs.
  6. The story behind the podcast’s rebrand in season three, including how I may have unknowingly saved it from disaster (No, Darryl, there was no witchcraft involved).
  7. All of the things we each love about the podcast and our work in it.
  8. An easy way to build each other up and be sunlight to those around us.
  9. A sneak peek at everything coming next season.
  10. Darryl’s request for our amazing listeners, who we’re so grateful for!

A few episodes that we reference as we wrap:
Dr. Dom
Beth Waterman

Other team members of the podcast:
Audio engineer Tate Luck
Video editor Ryan Weir
Graphic designer Leah Deal

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