Power of why


with Anthony Sills

Power of why
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Did you know people of color make up less than 40% of all freelancers? Join me and 13-year freelancing veteran, Anthony Sills, as we consider the why behind this number and how we can help make freelancing a viable career option for everyone in every community.

Today, you’ll also learn how to be mindful about building your own business processes, how to create long-term client relationships, and the reasons you should always ask, “Why?”

In today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why cultural pressures can minimize the value of freelancing for many people of color.
  2. Why freelancing limits the risks of relying on the “security” of employment.
  3. Why sharing your success as a freelancer can inspire others to pursue their dreams, particularly as people of color.
  4. Why freelancing is less about money and more about how you value your time.
  5. Why Anthony continues to fight culturally dismissive attitudes around his work as a black freelancer.
  6. Why you should build business systems that work for you, rather than making you work for your business.
  7. Why discovering how you can bring value to your clients starts with conversation. (Hint: It’s all about asking, “Why?”)

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