Pushing boundaries


with Alice Armitage

Pushing boundaries
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Welcome to an exciting bonus episode, featuring an amazing conversation with someone who blows me away. For this episode, I got to connect across oceans with Aussie Alice Armitage. She’s defying conventional wisdom in every way, most importantly with her new printed (yep, with paper and ink) newspaper, Pandaemonium.

This newspaper uses long-form stories to explore the many ways people approach success differently. These unconventional stories reflect Alice’s own desire to push boundaries and show that the traditional way isn’t the only, or even the best, way to get things done.

As she celebrates the release of their first issue, Alice joined me to share what led her here and her hopes for the future.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. About her journey from an ambitious country girl to a disillusioned big-city player to the passionate storyteller she is today.
  2. How Alice learned to integrate her environment, work, and passions to create a life that makes her happy.
  3. The reasons boundaries are meant to be pushed, plus her life-long drive to explore outside the norm.
  4. Why the tiny daily steps we take in our pursuits are often so much harder and more important than the giant leaps.
  5. What Pandaemonium means and why it is the perfect name for her newspaper.
  6. About the single hardest thing Alice faces and how she hopes to inspire others through it.
  7. Her reasons for choosing long-form storytelling as the best format for Pandaemonium.
  8. The ways she hopes the newspaper will resonate with readers, creating a richer world along the way.
  9. How she has become comfortable with making mistakes, plus some tips to help you do the same.
  10. What she looks to for inspiration, both personally and professionally.

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